The Give and Take of Christmas, and the Case for #MeNeither

Christmas in the modern era has something in common with singer Miley Cyrus; they both come in rather like a wrecking ball. The bizarre amalgam of biblical birth, Nordic folklore, and vast commercial exploitation is a dizzying onslaught of the senses and sensibilities alike, devastating everything in its path.


A Brexit Carol

Theresa May may have been a little confused when she received a round of applause from the remaining twenty-seven members of the EU in Brussels last evening. It appeared to me akin to the polite applause that is given on a reality TV show when the gallant loser is sent home.


Vardhaman Holdings Limited (VHL) - Case Study

"I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful." - Warren Buffett. We have seen that the above mentioned saying has proved to be correct every time we have acted according to it. A few months ago, when the whole Pharma sector was plunging, no one was ready to buy stocks like Divis laboratories (₹ 594), Gufic Bio Sciences (₹65), Lupin(₹916), Dr. Reddy(₹2010) although nothing was wrong with them it was just the overreaction of the markets.

Brand vs. Branding – Why Does The Difference Matter?

Brand vs. Branding – Why Does The Difference Matter?

The term “brand” has become simultaneously too big and too small. It can be up on a pedestal, out of reach if you don’t have deep pockets.


We Need “Lasticity-Trained” Educators on Disaster Teams: An Idea as We Enter 2018

I can picture readers looking at this headline and pondering why we need to complicate disaster relief by adding educators to the team of necessary workers. Education seems like a secondary level of need, way behind water and power and disease control and food supplies. And, then readers may wince perhaps over the word “lasticity,” wondering what it means. The word could sound oddly familiar but no definition comes to mind. And finally, there is the word “trained,” and many question how valuable professional development actually is and whether it is worth the proverbial candle. And, don’t we have better things to worry about as we enter a New Year.

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