Anuja Lath Digital Marketing Expert

Anuja is the Co-founder and CEO of RedAlkemi Online Pvt. Ltd., a digital marketing agency helping clients with their end to end online presence. Anuja has 30 years of work experience as a successful entrepreneur and has co-founded several ventures since 1986. She and her team are passionate about helping SMEs achieve measurable online success for their business. Anuja holds a Bachelors degree in Advertising from the Government College of Fine Arts, Chandigarh, India.



Using Google Analytics to make Business Decisions

Most businesses continuously face the challenge of generating leads as the most pressing need in their marketing efforts. Every day presented a new road-block and there was no way forward apart from drawing of patterns and trends based on traditional wisdom and tools which were primarily rested on predictive studies. This was basically because organisations lacked the magic which was hidden in numbers. Then came a new dawn in 2005 when Google after its famous acquisition of Urchin, launched Google Analytics.


Typography Expressions: How to Choose Fonts that show Emotion

Imagine a scenario where you had many options to choose from and all you ended up with was an increased level of confusion. Yes! That is precisely what the designers go through as one of the biggest struggles they go through is how to choose fonts. Think about it, there are many options and all of them look better than others. As a designer, you have to pick the best that fits the design and reflects the true tone of the brand personality. The reaction to any blog is not just decided by the content, graphics or images but also the typography. Choice of right fonts based on the correct typography rules is essential for inciting specific emotions in the target audience and is instrumental in giving away the primary idea which will actually push people to take a certain action.


The Significance of Golden Ratio in Design

If you have ever paused and closely looked at things around, many will show a symbolic pattern, an undefined symmetry. Going further deep, you will see an invisible spiral that happens to be everywhere. The Pyramids of Giza, the Parthenon, the spiral of a tornado, seashells, the galactic spiral, the pine cone, the floral formula of most flowers, and definitely the human body, etc. all are inspired by the same spiral ratio. This is the Golden Ratio, also known as the Divine Proportion or the Golden Mean, is typically the 1:1.618 which finds its origin in the Fibonacci sequence where every number is the sum of the previous two numbers.


Strategic SEO for Small Businesses

Strategic SEO is highly dynamic. You have to constantly evolve and innovate to stay ahead of the growth curve. If you think you know SEO and have extensively read about search engine optimization techniques, then the next line may not make you happy. SEO techniques may change more quickly than calendar dates or may stay on a little longer, but they definitely do not stretch over months. SEO is here to stay but not the techniques. In other words, it means you need to be constantly on your toes to keep abreast with the latest updates by Google.


How to Succeed as a Freelancer

It usually takes many years for designers to master their skills. The beginnings are generally slow as there is a lot to do which leads to obvious stress. Getting work becomes difficult as the employers are generally on the lookout for people with experience. As a newbie, there is an apparent hesitation and discomfort for hiring unless of course, the package is too low. You get caught up in a prolonged paradox with no clear end in sight. You need the experience to get a job and a job to get experience. O’ dear, there is nothing to feel sad about. There is always an option of freelancing your way to the top. The question is how to get freelance design work?