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Scientists Discover Plastic in Human Stools

In a presentation at the 26th annual United European Gastroenterology conference in Vienna in October 2018, it was announced that a scientific study discovered plastic in human feces from individuals across multiple countries [1].


Will Quantum Computing Bend the Arrow of Time?

British astronomer, physicist, and mathematician, Sir Arthur S. Eddington put forth the concept of the “time’s arrow” in the 1920’s [1]. Eddington theorized that time is asymmetrical, and moves in one direction from the irreversible past to the present, then forward towards the future. He proposed that the reason why time moves forward is due to causal asymmetry (cause and effect). Does this arrow of time hold true in quantum computing?


MIT Scientists Develop Novel Way to Use Probiotics with Antibiotics to Eradicate Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Chemical engineers at MIT discovered an innovative method using biofilm-inspired alginate to help fight antimicrobial resistance.


Are We Made of Stardust?

You may have heard the saying that “We are made of stardust.” What is the origin of this phrase? Is there any truth to it? Are there any facts to back the poetry? It’s an expansively romantic thought that is deeply rooted within the domain of hard science. 


How Humanitarian Dr. Chris Stout Overcame Adversity to Live a Life in Full

Dr. Chris E. Stout is a best-selling author, licensed clinical psychologist and accidental humanitarian. Chris completed his clinical education with a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School in neurodevelopmental and behavioral pediatrics. He is also a Fellow in three divisions of the American Psychological Association, a former President of the Illinois Psychological Association, and a member in the National Academies of Practice.