Chhavi Firani Tech Expert

Chhavi is the Founder and Partner at Dikonia. She is passionate about delivering beyond expectations and crafting rewarding experiences.  Her company provides innovative IT solutions including custom SaaS offerings that streamline workflow as well as development and design services in keeping with latest buying and market trends. Chhavi holds a Master of Computer Applications from Punjabi University.


The 10 Most Common Cyber Security Issues

Are you worried about the security of your website? Trust me, you are not alone, most businesses fear hackers, that's why they are consistently improving their cyber security to stay competitive. This allows customers to get a convenient browsing experience without getting worried about their data.


5 Critical Questions to Ask an IT Outsourcing Company Before You Hire Them!

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5 Most Interesting Mobile App Design Trends 2018

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4 Best Ways to Start an Online Business With Minimum Investment

Business has been revolutionized by the internet.

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WordPress is the most popular web publishing platform with around 75 million websites. Most blogs are using it as their content management system.