Chhavi Firani Tech Expert

Chhavi is the Founder and Partner at Dikonia. She is passionate about delivering beyond expectations and crafting rewarding experiences.  Her company provides innovative IT solutions including custom SaaS offerings that streamline workflow as well as development and design services in keeping with latest buying and market trends. Chhavi holds a Master of Computer Applications from Punjabi University.


Best E-Learning Resources for Business Professionals on the Internet!

One of the most fundamental ways of taking a profound control over your business is to understand its various aspects and to understand them well. Something, that is only possible if you keep your knowledge head to head with the hurrying time. So even if you have a billion-dollar company or you are just getting started; you will always find the need to continuously expand your skill set and get better at what you do.


Is Wireframing Dead? How Can Its Absence Affect Your Project?

Remember the kindergarten days when you used to get those coloring books with the outlines of pictures to fill color in? So that you would learn the art in a simplified yet systematic way. Wireframing is a lot like that.


6 Free Tools from Google to Improve your Online Business

So, you have successfully set up an online business and you are desperately waiting for people to buy from you. You are constantly looking at the sales report to find that upward spike. There are occasional crests and bows, here and there, but mostly it’s a flat ride home. Well, it’s about time you take the next steps in your journey to a successful business.These steps don’t need you to spend money because the G for generous – Google is here to help. 


3 Latest Technologies, You cannot Skip About

As modern tech continues to make our lives easier and more productive, it is itself growing more advanced by the day. Each day a new technology replaces an old one with better applications and increased development rate.


15 Lessons from 15 Years of Experience in IT

2017 commemorates 5 years since I began my company, Dikonia and more than 15 since I have been working in IT industry. As the year segues into another, it took me back to the days when my journey began. Nearly everything has changed since then, becoming the building blocks of the personality I hold today.