3 Common Elements That Define a Great Game

3 Common Elements That Define a Great Game

Anas Bouargane 25/03/2020 4
3 Common Elements That Define a Great Game

Video games have become one of the best forms of entertainment nowadays, having storylines and virtual worlds that resonate with players at a whole other level.

Some games end up making it big, while others don’t experience much traction. Although the niche and the developer’s experience end up influencing the game’s reach, there are a handful of common elements that always define a great game. We are going to highlight some of these elements in this article.


People always want to hear a good story, that’s why we’re playing games and going to the movies. A shallow game with poor storytelling only ends up boring people after a while. There’s only so much shooting and driving around you can do until you get bored. However, if you create great characters and storylines, the players will have something to attach themselves to.

For single-player games, the story is one of the most important things. Red Dead Redemption 2 is the best example out there. The users feel as they are part of that whole universe, being fully connected with their fictional characters. This keeps their interest high, encouraging them to further explore the story and world.

Immersive Design

The immersiveness of a game is going to play a key role in your overall experience. This quality is influenced by a lot of factors like graphics and audio. A game with poor graphics is going to throw off players, making them enjoy the whole ecosystem less.

Online gambling, for example, is trying to fully replicate the land-based casino experience, making the immersiveness of their games a key aspect. You might often gamble from a mobile device with a smaller screen but you still want to have a great time. For that reason, the graphics and audio play a key role.

If you try out something like the Gaminator free slots, you will be able to immerse yourself in the world of online gambling thanks to all of the design elements that are featured in casinos. The visuals are outstanding, while the sound effects are just as good as the ones from Vegas casinos, if not even better.

If you’re playing a racing game you probably want to hear the engine as well as the noise of the road underneath your wheels. If you’re playing a game full of dialogue, you probably want the audio to be high-quality so you don’t miss out on a single thing. Without these design and audio-related elements, the digital world would not feel as realistic and alive, offering players a below-average experience.


Although the story and graphics are a highly-important front, a game is pretty much nothing without great gameplay - Fallout 76 is a perfect example of this. The Fallout series managed to build an immersive story but, this was still unable to save their latest game. Fallout 76 had horrible gaming filled with bugs, making users stay away from it, even a year later.

On the other hand, Angry Birds has no story but, since it features awesome gameplay, everybody enjoys it. Also, the whole Call of Duty franchise relies on solid gameplay, and most users are there for the multiplayer rather than the campaign mode. Regardless if the gameplay is simple or complex, it must work as intended, without being buggy or clunky.

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    Gameplay > graphics

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    If you play more games like me, you will become good at problem solving

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    Awesome stuff

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    I love playing games

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