39 Tweets That Summarize The Spirit of the 3rd True Influence Summit

39 Tweets That Summarize The Spirit of the 3rd True Influence Summit

Issac Thomas 22/07/2021
39 Tweets That Summarize The Spirit of the 3rd True Influence Summit

Successful B2B brands large and small know that accurate, reliable data drives revenue.

Putting data to work has become the true differentiator in today’s competitive landscape. That’s why how data accelerates revenue was the focal point of the True Influence Summit. 

B2B sales, marketing, and business intelligence leaders joined for a conversation around data-driven revenue. The special guest being entrepreneur extraordinaire, Daymond John. From proven best practices to how data is transforming B2B marketing to talking about success stories to how to stay relevant at work, and why truth matters when it comes to data, the summit accomplished its mission in highlighting the importance of data to accelerate revenue.

Below are 39 tweets that summarize the spirit of the 3rd True Influence Summit

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What Did Marketing Leaders Say About Data?

#1. Use data to stand out and provide value to your customers.-Shelly Morrison

#2. Data is indeed the new oil.- Ray Estevez, True Influence, Chief Information Officer

#3. One data source doesn't solve every problem. So you have to figure out a way to understand or to save this data to make it actionable for the sales.

#4. Everyone who touches data is a data steward!

#5. "Data quality is not just about where you use it, it's also about how you capture it!" - Shelley Morrison, VR Global Demand

#6. "Data is an asset- Most often you know more about your work-issued laptop and phone than you do about your data. Don't be afraid of the tech stack and to learn more about your data".- Theresa Kushner, AI/Analytics Consultant, NTT Data

#7. "Collecting and managing first-party data has become an Olympic exercise."- Theresa Kushner, NTT Data

#8. ''Data is a perishable commodity, and it's critical that we have mechanisms in place to manage the accuracy of it."- Terry Arnold, VP Marketing at True Influence

 #9. ''Data quality is not just about where you use it, it's also about how you capture it!"- Shelley Morrison, VR, Global Demand Center

#10. "Data is like the fruit stand at your local grocery store... It's ripening very quickly."- Tony Uphoff, President, and CEO at Thomas

#11.  "Data quality is absolutely foundational to everything that we do.''- Terry Arnold, VP, Marketing at True Influence

#12.  "We have an embarrassment of riches in data sources and the challenge really is how do you stitch those together."- Jeremey Donovan, SVl,  Revenue Strategy at SalesLoft

Marketing and Sales Alignment

#13. #Marketing and #Sales: Two peas in a pod. @Cunning_Kerry #TrueInfluenceSummit

#14. Marketing and sales can be fragmented, or they can be on different pages, what we need to look at is if they're communicating and understanding what the other is looking for.

#15. ''If Marketing doesn't understand the sales objectives and vice versa, then there's going to be a disconnect in your organization.''- Peter Larkin, Chief Revenue Officer at True Influence

#16. "Sales needs to supersize everybody's fries and marketing needs to be on board with that.''

How is Marketing Changing?

#17. We're not making cold calls, we're making educated phone calls. 

#18. The best way to find the quality is by targeting the right account, job titles with the right brain in a nurture program. -Sylvia Harn, @Microsoft 

 #19. It’s great to get a lot of leads... and that's really what marketing automation is all about. What it misses is that it's untethered to the way that b2b actually works."- Kerry Cunningham, VR Principal Analyst, Forrester

#20. "Marketers used to log into just one system. Now they log in to 10,15,20 systems on a

 given day."- Ken Lordy, SVP, Product Management at True Influence

#21.  ''If you do your job and are marketing to the right buyer personas, they're going to come and engage with you."- Kerry Cunningham, VR Principal Analyst at Forrester

 #22. "Asking correct discovery questions is important as well as finding a need that solves a

 problem. Once you have this, you can build the ROI. - Brittany Scott, VP of SMB Sales at Knowbe4

#23. "Align the accounts and then put your money where your mouth is. That's where segmentation begins."Jeremey Donovan, SVl, Revenue Strategy at SalesLoft

Why #TruthMatters?

#24. ''Trust just doesn't happen in a moment, it happens all the time and overtime."- Brian Giese, CEO at True Influence -

#25. ''The easiest thing to sell is the truth.''- Daymond John

#26.  ''Integrity is the reason we buy into brands and buy into people."

#27. Ask customers what they don't like in you rather than asking what they like! - @TheSharkDaymond, Shark Tank Celebrity, Entrepreneur and CEO at FUBU

#28. Those who address customer complaints have a 20% more retention rate! - @TheSharkDaymond, Shark Tank Celebrity, Entrepreneur and CEO at FUBU #trueinfluencesummit #truthmatters @trueinfluence

#29. Build trust over time, and your customers will love you over time. @BrianWGiese #TruthMatters

#30. Sell the truth, and people will start buying! #TruthMatters @TheSharkDaymond

#31. #Integrity... Know it, preach it, love it. @TheSharkDaymond #TruthMatters

Importance of a Data-Driven Culture

#32. "It's a data-driven culture you have to create within your organization. It's a whole culture of training and literacy, and you'll see the whole organization assets you have. " Ray Estevez, True Influence, Chief Information Officer

How To be Better at Work?

#33. Put in the work daily and don't get complacent. That's how you achieve success. @TheSharkDaymond #TruthMatters

#34. "There is no one finish line in life. You have to keep learning and keep growing.''- Daymond John, Shark Tank

#35. ''The only thing that's more important than the number is the person.''- Daymond John, Shark Tank

What Do Our Partners Say About Us?

#36. "Working with True Influence, we would send leads out to SDR the and ADR team, and

they would respond. ‘These are some of the best contacts we have received '- Corinna Grassam, Director of Field, Marketing at Talkdesk

#37. "TI has always been super accommodating with our privacy 'notices at Microsoft. The accessibility and privacy has been fantastic. "Sylvia Ham

#38. "When we're choosing top partners like True Influence, we're able to start incorporating it with our AI and machine learning technologies and reach top-level decision-makers."- Sylvia Ham, Global Media, Commercial Lea, Gen Director at Microsoft

#39. "With the pandemic, it's been challenging for all of us to thrive but it made us jump faster in the digital transformation wagon. Microsoft has seen incredible opportunities because of this

digital transformation.- Sylvia Ham, Global Media Commercial Lead Gen Director at Microsoft

How are you using your data to drive sales? Is it working? If you’re concerned about your pipeline, get in touch with us.

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