5 Tips to Make the Perfect Logo for your Brand

5 Tips to Make the Perfect Logo for your Brand

Anuja Lath 16/04/2021 7
5 Tips to Make the Perfect Logo for your Brand

No brand strategy is complete without a brand logo design.

The customers will judge your brand, values, and everything else based on your logo, so if it's not right, you might be in for a long haul in the marketplace. You must be wondering, "what's a perfect logo?" Well, any logo design idea that reflects your brand's true colors is the perfect logo for your brand.

So, is there a fixed template to craft an attractive logo? Yes, and no. There are certain aspects like symmetry and design intent that remain constant throughout. Other elements like color palette, font, etc., vary from business to business and even industry to industry.

Here, we make logo designing easier for you by listing down 5 tips to craft an amazing logo for your brand:

1. Focus on Position and Symmetry

The symmetry and uniqueness of a logo design is a must-have feature for all brands looking to create an impactful logo. Symmetry helps create a well-balanced logo that doesn't have protruding edges, heterogeneous curves, and out-of-shape arcs. 

You should also have a clear understanding of where you want to place the logo on your website, social media posts, print media, etc. Symmetry and proportion play a vital role in this regard too. Therefore, you can devise a flexible brand logo design that's fit for usage across various screen sizes and channels.  

2. Craft Visual Salience with Colors

Colors have the power to make your logo stand out from the rest of the competition. Visual salience is crafting something extraordinary using a dynamic color palette and a mix of vibrant colors that help design a memorable logo. 

People will remember your logo only when it has an X-factor or a unique feature. Flat logos don't impart a sizable impact and go down as "just another logo." A logo that matches your brand's personality speaks a thousand words in itself, and you're able to establish the desired connection with your audience. 

3. Don't Go Overboard with Fonts

There's a thin line that separates an elegant font style from the ones that have been overdone. When you're working on your logo and brand design, it's imperative to select a decent and easy-to-read font style. 

Choose a casual typeface to address the millennials and the entire youth audience if you're offering such a product or service. The typography needs to be very formal and classy if you're a B2B brand targeting high-profile companies and valued clients.

4. Utilize Logo Designing Tools

Logo designing is easier than ever, thanks to the hassle-free logo designing tools. You have several computerized logo templates at your disposal, and you can customize them as per your requirements. It doesn't matter if you're designing logos for business or personal use; the options are endless and empower you to unleash your innovative brain cells.

Freemium tools like Logomakr and Canva offer attractive logo templates alongside straightforward editing options. You can also upload a logo design template that you've created and customize on these robust tools to create the perfect logo for your brand.

5. Get Feedback on your Logo

There's no denying that you should love the final logo prototype that you have crafted. But, you should always seek the opinion of your target audience to get a hands-on validation of your brand logo design. You can share the logo prototype with a test group and note down their suggestions. 

Your team can then brainstorm on the suggestions and incorporate any changes you find missing from your logo. Conversely, you can formulate a document comprising various logo design ideas and finalize the one that gets a positive response from the audience.

To Conclude

A brand logo design can make or break your consumer base. It's critical to do it right, and the tips mentioned above help you with the same. Following a symmetrical approach ensures that there aren't any odd elements in your logo. 

Colors and typography are unskippable, and you should spend adequate time finding the best combination of colors and fonts. Online tools and resources are always there to reduce the cost and time involved, and getting feedback from your community provides a much-needed validation.

What's the inspiration behind your brand's logo design? Do let us know in the comments section.

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  • Gemma Wright

    I've actually been looking to change my logo for a while now.

  • Matthew Gough

    Great tips

  • Sophie Vickers

    Just being in a different environment really does change your output to design an incredible logo.

  • Ryan Cooper

    Great tip on the last point.

  • Jack Thomas

    Thank you, wish I saw this article earlier, some of my mistakes can be avoided

  • Andy Golding

    Excellent article

  • Colin Tomlinson

    Thanks for the tips.

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