Content Marketing Advantages You Can't Afford to Miss!

Content Marketing Advantages You Can't Afford to Miss!

Anuja Lath 27/08/2018 14

Why do content marketing for any business? Publishing and promoting content can have a great impact on your business. But why does one do it? Because content is the fuel that drives a buyer’s journey to the final purchase. The content you publish has the ability to convert a lead to a customer.

According to statistics in 2018, content marketing is witnessing a tremendous increase as more and more businesses are leveraging its potential. Are you aware of the content trends of 2018? Content marketing is not new, but it has evolved over time and is becoming an essential part of marketing for all brand and businesses.

Here are a few benefits of content marketing for your business:

Improves Search Engine Ranking

Every time you create fresh content, you are giving search engines the idea that you update content on a regular basis. Uploading this optimized content can help you rank higher on search engines.

The quality and originality of your content helps your website rank higher on search engines. Writing interesting, useful and original content also help in having better rankings. It’s simple, the more people like your content, the more time they spend on it and the more likely they are to share this content further. All of these things add up to how well Google ranks you on its search engine result pages.

One important aspect of content marketing is that your content must be optimized with relevant keywords that you wish to rank for. Only then will your content become discoverable to the right people, i.e., your target audience.

Increased Website Traffic

Every time you write a blog post and share it, Google indexes it - which improves the ranking for the keywords used in the content. Thus, whenever the users search by a particular keyword, the chances of your website turning up for the same keywords are higher.

One of the important benefits of content marketing is that it increases your website traffic drastically. By writing content that adds value to your readers, your business website becomes a hub of knowledge that draws instant traffic.

More Sales

Writing and sharing content that eases out their lives, makes the users stick to your brand. This helps in attracting users who are looking for valuable information. Through your content, you can offer solutions, products and services that address the pain points of your customers. For example, through this blog, we’re letting you know about the advantages of content marketing and why you should include it in your digital marketing strategy for your small business!

Creating good quality content helps in generating more leads. Having more leads means better sales. This further helps improve brand awareness.

Boosts Credibility

If your brand or business starts to publish meaningful content that guides your users on how to solve a problem or lets them know about the various products and services they can use, you are creating a reputation for yourself that is customer-centric.

Content marketing not only builds brand image but also builds credibility for your business. With every piece of content added to your website, you are establishing yourself as a credible source of knowledge and information in your industry.

By sharing useful information, your brand comes across as a source of credible information. From a customer point of view, it increases the amount of trust in your brand. In the long run, this helps to develop a healthy, long-lasting relationship with your audience and can have a great impact on your brand image and reputation.

If you’re wondering whether you should implement content marketing for your small business, we hope this article helped you and we hope you kick your content marketing strategy in place! Need help with your content marketing strategy? Speak to our experts!

Reach out to us for a free audit of your business website!

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  • Paul Connell

    Without quality content there is nothing to optimize and nothing to share on blogs and social sites.

  • Stephanie Jones

    Content marketing increases the visibility of your brand by developing lasting relationships with your audience.

  • Yes Stephanie, content marketing boosts online visibility tremendously

  • Jordan Cooper

    It not only creates loyalty and trust, with both your current customers and prospects but helps you to build authority and credibility.

  • Yes Jordan, indeed content marketing build brand loyalty and trust

  • Stefanie Ritchie

    Good article, thanks for the tips.

  • Thank you Stefanie, glad these tips helped you!

  • Ashley Vaughan

    You can provide value with no strings attached thanks to content marketing.

  • Yes, Ashley, content marketing is really important for overall business growth

  • Edward Johncox

    It is so difficult for small business owners to successfully implement content marketing because they can't focus on a narrow target audience and intimately understand their challenges.

  • Robert Gigg

    Not knowing where to post your content to reach your ideal client is a worrying sign.

  • Yes, indeed Robert

  • Molly Leatham

    Produce content that is timeless so that it continues to work for you long term.

  • Well said molly, evergreen content that is rich in quality always works wonders for the business

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