Famous Celebrities Who Love Bingo

Famous Celebrities Who Love Bingo

Anas Bouargane 05/03/2020 3

People like to rage on about how things like online slots or video poker are the most popular and widely played instance of gambling in the 21st Century, however they forget about quite how popular Bingo has become over the years. This is a game that is played by anyone from primary school children to OAPs, ensuring that its popularity breadth way outweighs that of slots, for instance. 

Oh yes, the world seemingly just cannot get enough of Bingo. Funnily enough it wasn’t always like this either, because Bingo used to be written off as a bit of a boring old people’s game, however nowadays young adults love it just as much. And it isn’t just the normies who love a spot to play Bingo at Umbingo, there are various celebrities out there who simply cannot get enough of the game too. Want to know who? Of course you do. Read ahead to find out… 

Kate Moss 

You would have done well not to hear about Kate Moss during the 1990s, as this supermodel led as close to a rock star lifestyle as anyone did throughout this decade. If there is one thing that the blonde bombshell used to love during these years, it was partying long into the night, and often well into the next day. 

However this all changed after her divorce from Jamie Hince, with the world famous super model deciding it was time to calm down somewhat. And what is a good game to pass the time with if you are not partying all the time? Bingo of course! Kate Moss turned to Bingo and never looked back, with her still playing regularly to this day. 

Russell Crowe 

You probably would not have thought it, but the actor responsible for the smash hit box office motion picture Gladiator used to work in a Bingo hall whilst he was growing up in New Zealand. He also had a pungent for calling out rude words whilst at work, something that is even more hilarious when you consider the expected clientele at the Bingo hall. 

A lot has changed for Mr Crowe since then, however it seems he still loves to play a bit of Bingo from time to time, as he is often spotted in Bingo halls around the world. 

Cristiano Ronaldo 

Funnily enough this one really is no joke, even though the thought of somebody like Cristiano Ronaldo playing Bingo is really quite hilarious. You would have thought that he would perhaps be more engaged in gambling games like Poker, but as it turns out CR7 is more of a Bingo fanatic. 

We wouldn’t blame you for wondering how this came about, because it certainly is a rather odd fit. As the story goes Sir Alex Ferguson bought a very young Cristiano Ronaldo a Bingo DVD in order to learn English with, and the Portuguese starlet has loved playing the game ever since. Funny isn’t it? One of the best footballers to ever grace the planet, and he could even prefer playing Bingo.

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  • Jason Hill

    How about Lionel Messi? ;)

  • Marcus Breton

    Good post

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    Beckham is harmed and Ronaldinho got cut from the group since he doesn't fit in their style of play and isn't acceptable as he once might have been. What's more, Rhonaldos CONTRAACCTT is practically over + rhonaldoes gettin old brother.

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