From Mompreneur to Ending Toxic Relationships, the iQUIT® Brand Continues to Fuel Global Success

From Mompreneur to Ending Toxic Relationships, the iQUIT® Brand Continues to Fuel Global Success

From Mompreneur to Ending Toxic Relationships, the iQUIT® Brand Continues to Fuel Global Success

More than a best-selling book, iQUIT® is the life strategy and mindset that continues to take precedence in how people prioritize their work/life balance. 

iQUIT® is not about an ending, but rather a beginning and honoring of self that has become an emerging shift in empowerment. Best-Selling Author, iQUIT® Podcast Host, Life Strategist, Speaker, and Entrepreneur Rachel B-Foy is conquering and inspiring others to fearlessly pursue life’s possibilities with willpower, a positive attitude and an infectious smile. In fact, the iQUIT® Podcast w/Rachel B-Foy can be found on iHeartRadio, reaching over half a million listeners daily!“iQUIT® is about choice. It is about choosing the life you truly desire and not allowing life to choose for you. iQUIT® means living out the abundant life intended for you. So, whether it's choosing to iQUIT® toxic environments or toxic people who are draining you, stealing your joy, energy, and peace, or if it means iQUIT® to what's killing your purpose, goals, dreams, and God-given talent; it's time to iQUIT®!” – Rachel B-FoyTake a closer look at why and how people are reclaiming their power by first letting go, thanks to Rachel B-Foy and her strategies for achieving fulfillment from the inside out.

Mindset & Mission

While the pandemic inspired a global shift in priorities, awakening passions and letting go of toxic environments and people, more than ever before, people are finding the courage to take control of their everyday life by first sayingiQUIT®to everything not in alignment.“I have put a completely new twist on the word because I learned it is okay to ‘quit’ the things that hold you back. Let it all go, give up on it, leave it behind! There is optimism in the word when it is applied to improve one's life.” – Rachel B-FoyThe Amazon bestseller entitled iQUIT®: The How-To Guide to Letting Go of Everything That Is Holding You Back encourages readers to uncover the greatness that lies within us all by “quitting” the bad behavior and negative thinking that limits potential.''Most people who have read the book say that they quit feelings of guilt, anger and bitterness. A lot of people quit being stressed over situations they cannot control. Many women quit bad relationships/decisions about men. Men quit feeling like they have to have the answer to everything... You cannot control the pandemic, the deaths, the job loss. None of that is your fault, you are doing the best you can. Once you quit being hard on yourself, you will feel a weight lift from your shoulders!" – Rachel B-FoyToday, the principles in iQUIT® continue to be adapted by educators, youth groups, women’s empowerment organizations, and corporate game-changers as a team-building resource. 

Business Basics

Beyond life strategies, Rachel also applies these immeasurable principles through Mentoring, Coaching/Consulting, Speaking, Empowerment, and Team-Building as the CEO ofElevated Possibilities, LLC. Guiding entrepreneurs on how to succeed in attaining their goals, her proprietary method follows three core principles—mindset, mission and value.Men and women who use this proven life-changing formula credit Rachel for arming them with vital life skills, key among them, confidence, initiative and a results-driven thought-process. It’s the kind of grit and resolve that Rachel applied in her own life, when she decided to leave a lucrative job after nearly a decade to launch her own business,
a leap of faith that she does not regret.

Enrichment Program

TheiQUIT®brand has expanded to include merchandise and a popular podcast of the same name. Her sought-after motivational speaking program and enrichment program,Empowered To B.E.(Believe & Excel)has been implemented in schools across the country. By teaching the value of positive self-image, vision, etiquette, conflict resolution, leadership, and accountability, Rachel’s program fulfills the desperate need for social and emotional learning (SEL) skills of students today.“The death of my son and the life lessons that ensued was the catalyst for the development of iQUIT® and my current business. My life struggles and perseverance have made me stronger. The strategies I developed to heal, flourish and empower others are based on the realization that we all have a ‘choice’ to reach a higher level of excellence and balance in their lives too.”– Rachel B-FoyRachel’s powerful mission to empower others in life and business has resonated with individuals around the world who seek the motivation and mentorship to elevate their potential, direction, and both personal and professional fulfillment.“I can show (through my own experience) that we are capable of surviving difficult trials. Think about what some of our ancestors endured and SURVIVED! Sometimes, we have to quit the excuses too!”– Rachel B-Foy

Giving Back

My life struggles and perseverance have made me stronger. The holistic approach that I developed to persevere and realize my highest potential is what inspired me to want to empower other people to be able to do the same, reach a higher level of excellence and balance in their lives too.

As Co-Founder of eightIMPACT, a nonprofit organization that mentors young girls, Rachel dedicates much of her time to her church, community service and volunteerism. Rachel holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Sam Houston State University and a Masters of Education from Grand Canyon University. Committed to the public education system, Rachel continues to utilize her knowledge and expertise as a previous Education Consultant to create specialized curriculum and instruction. Rachel and her collaborative partners work diligently to help the educational community achieve excellence. She also serves as a local School Board Trustee. Tap into to learn more!



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Parul Agrawal

Leadership Expert

Parul Agrawal is an International Bestselling Author, Speaker, Forbes Coaches Council Member and Podcast Host. She holds a double Master’s in Engineering from Arizona State University (ASU); worked as a Research Scientist at ASU and Engineer for Intel Corporation. In an effort to help others address major medical issues and live more healthily, she pursued holistic studies and acquired her certification as a wellness expert. After launching a successful Wellness Coaching business, Parul delivered the message of health through public speaking in various community centers and corporations. Parul’s life and business changed dramatically after she wrote a book on the benefits of juicing that became an International Bestseller in multiple categories. The book’s phenomenal success resulted in her being featured in major publications like the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Forbes and as a guest on ABC Arizona. Parul has not only continued her success as an author and businesswoman, but she has paid-it-forward, by helping over 100 writers become bestselling authors, too! She is the founder of an International Publishing Platform where she helps thought leaders in the areas of health, wellness and consciousness write their books, achieve bestseller authority status, and land in mainstream media - just like she did! Parul is currently experiencing the honor of being listed as one of the 30 change-makers in India for the year 2018.

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