How Chatbots help Businesses

How Chatbots help Businesses

Roshni Dhal 25/02/2018 4

What makes a business successful? Is it the product or the machines behind it? To be really frank about this, it is the customers that make a business. Several studies, from Harvard Business School to organisations like Right Now have shown that customers are truly at the epicenter of a successful business.

An impressed and satisfied customer means more business from recurrence of their visits and the leads they provide. On another note, one may also see that today's customers are different from half a decade ago. Today they are more socially aware and understand the need of feeling important.

According to a recent Gallup Study, it was found that customers care more about the service they receive and the treatment they get than the product itself. It may seem counterintuitive at first, but thinking more about this will reveal its verity. Now, suppose you buy a party popper for the New Year from a company you have read about, the product arrives and you are confused about how it works. You try to contact the company, but you never get a reply. The party finishes with that popper sitting silently in some corner. A week later you are given a detailed mechanism of the product. Will it help? No, your party is already over! This experience you had with the company will make you detest it to that point where you will never recommend it to anyone. You had such a trivial request and they couldn’t even reply on time.

This is the problem that Chatbots are solving, and we at understand that customer satisfaction is at the apex of every Maslow pyramid. predicted that by 2020 a customer would be able to solve 85% of its problems with a business without ever talking to a human being on the other side. Chatbots are doing just that. These smart artificially intelligent bots understand and comprehend natural human language, and are fully capable of replying with similar natural undertone. With the use of machine learning expertise and our unmatched experience, our chatbots are adept at handling almost every possible scenario where a customer might need support.

What does this mean for your business? How can having chatbots for your business help your company develop?

Customers hate waiting – Studies at the Harvard Business School & Journal of Applied Social Psychology have shown that a customer is interested in a faster reply than a 100% correct one. The feeling of importance is utmost for every human being, and getting a fast reply and reception is second to none. The one thing customers hate is not being acknowledged, not even getting a “no-reply” email from the company! Chatbots will help you engage with your customers in a jiffy. At Quirk we use natural language processing to identify the customer’s questions & request and reply them in a similar and suitable manner.. Thus, this strikes a natural sounding conversation for your customer, which makes them wait less than a second before they are acknowledged. With our machine learning techniques we teach our bots to respond aptly to almost every scenario.

Totally customizable – At we make bots, which are totally customizable and can be installed for use for your business in a flash. You can take control of what the bot says when a specific question is asked and change according to your temporal needs. You can easily add entities, conversation dialogues and other entities that you feel the bot needs.

Chatbots end up creating a lot of engagement – An engaged customer is highly likely to proceed to the bottom of your sales funnel and Chatbots help you create that much necessary engagement. It can even initiate a conversation to update your customers about new offers and products. In the conversation that follows, the customer could ask about product information, coupon codes, or just about anything concerning the product and get interesting offers that will stimulate them to click through to your checkout page. This level of engagement can easily be achieved by a Chatbot. One of the major proofs of how the world is moving towards Chatbots is how at the F8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg pointed towards the growing use of businesses which chat to their customers like they would to a friend.

Chatbots help you save money – Well, this is the most obvious point. Instead of having a team of 50 people dealing with customers for even petty issues like warranty time and other product details, you can have only one Virtual Chatbot, which is never tired and answers all questions with the same ease and a lot faster. One Chatbot can cater to hundreds of messages influx. A very recent study, “Chatbots: Retail, eCommerce, Banking & Healthcare 2017–2022,” found that chatbots will save trades over $8 billion per year by 2022, which is a huge surge from the $20 million expected in 2017.

A Chatbot is a self-help tool that runs 24/7 and can answer questions for customers even at odd hours which will create goodwill between your customers and you. We at understand how essential a company’s goodwill and reputation in the market affects its customer base and sales, and work with the latest artificial intelligence techniques, from NLP to machine learning to build a bot that suits you the best, with massive scalability and built in security (End to End Encryption and backups for analysis of trends). If you are looking for your business to reach a newer level of excellence, a smart Chatbot is all you need. 

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  • Adil Riyad

    That was a good post, but you have advertised your company several times...........

  • Wayne Adams

    We do all hate waiting, that's a fact and prefer someone to respond to any query we may have. The current chatbots aren't efficient because they are stil generic, unable to answer complicated questions.

  • Andrew Spencer

    I don't trust chatbots, I prefer to communicate with a real person

  • Mukhtar Salim

    Chatbots create a lot of engagement and also save money, but it's too early to invest on them

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Roshni Dhal

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Roshni is the cofounder of HighOn M, a digital marketing consulting firm that helps SMEs & MNCs to grow their business using various digital marketing methods. She is a renown Internet Entrepreneur who has helped 20+ major brands improve their online marketing management. She has featured on the LinkedIn Top 15 Voices of India 2016. Roshni holds a bachelor's degree in Commerce from P.G.D.A.V. College. 


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