How Technology Increases Sales

How Technology Increases Sales

Anas Bouargane 12/01/2020 4

Technology is unavoidable and involved in many daily activities. Unless you’ve chosen to live your life in a farm or a smallholding with no connection to the outside world, then you will know all about its uses. The main thing about technology is that it helps to drive sales in many ways, adding value to a business via speeding up processes and increasing customers. 

Many businesses choose to invest heavily in technology to get more recoginition. Although processes can be automated, there are many other reasons why automation is improving sales. But how exactly do business and technology work well together? 

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Automation exist in warehouses, lorries and in-store purchases. In warehouses, there are systems now generally in place that help management access stock levels and make decisions based on this. Automation also helps with the despatching of goods, as soon as an order is placed you can have somebody on the floor picking the order and getting it ready to be sent out. The rise of companies like Amazon that rely on the speed of delivery, help push this technology forward, and customer demand means that you can’t fall behind in retail anymore, you must be ahead of the game, especially since technology covers all areas including cooling solutions such as from MTA cooling. Having handheld scanners that are connected to the primary data collection software, enables the management team to be able to make decisions, and this, in turn, means that a business can thrive. Ultimately automating processes, and have accurate information, will, of course, speed up the productivity of a company, which in turn increases capacity and sales over time. Automation can also be used through transportation and the tracing of deliveries throughout the world. Lorries are sent all around the world, and quite often need to send information back to head office. The fact that milestone and roots can be fed back to different people via the internet is a huge advancement that creates a sufficient space and improves sales.

Data Analysis 

Having the data that is required for a business to run effectively is essential. This used to be a case of logging everything, with paper and pens, but now it is as simple as walking around the shop floor, counting and collating the information and uploading it directly to the cloud, for management to be able to see and use effectively. No one in real-time stock levels that are in stores and warehouses is game-changing for businesses everywhere. Been able to forecast sales based on previous years' activities, is an incredibly useful tool Also, this means that correct decisions can be made to the best of our knowledge, and can also mean that businesses will have the experience to expand or streamline specific aspects of the company. Data is becoming more and more advanced, and the reporting and decision-making that comes from this data can revolutionize all companies. If used effectively, the technology that is available for data collection is phenomenal. Every year, a new way of collecting and collating data is discovered, which means advancements can be made regularly.


Technology and marketing have really taken off in the last few years. Not so much in the technology that is used to create the marketing itself, but the whole landscape for marketing in 2020 is entirely different from previous years. Influences, YouTubers, and celebrities are all making a lot of money from technology and marketing. If a star is marketing a product, you will know that they have been paid a reasonable sum of money by a company to do so. Using equipment to create videos and photography that sell products Saturday is big business. So technology for capturing these is snowballing. Anything that makes video and photography creation faster and easier, helps content creation move at a rapid rate. This also means that companies can order a service, and quickly advertise their products. Again data collection when it comes to marketing is also incredibly useful. It helps businesses find the ideal customers and sell to them in higher quantities than ever before. Social media for all of this is powerful, and growing by the day. So the technology that is going into the creation and sharing of modern marketing is something to invest.


The creative side of running a business usually consists of hiring graphic designers, photographers, and video editing experts, and each of these professionals will need the correct equipment and software. Many creatives use Adobe software, which is updated regularly and continuously evolving to match many different needs of creative staff. The cameras and devices that are required can be costly, but for a good reason. Technology to provide HD video, and the highest quality visual photography, will come at a cost. And if you’re considering the creative artwork to being shared on billboards, or television, then it will need to be of high quality, which can only be produced by professional people and equipment. The editing and sharing of creative content are quite often responsible for massive peaks in sales, well it takes is a share from the right person, or business, and a great message with great content.              


Every single one of these ways that technology is used within a business has its advantages when it comes to sales. The higher the sales, the more profit a company will make over time. This means more money can be invested in technology, which many people agree is where the future lies as always. Technology and its advancement can make or break a business. It’s crucial to never underestimate the power of up-to-date technology within a company. If anything, technology is leading the way in which organisations are evolving throughout time. 

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  • Erin Kenaa

    You aced it Anas !!!

  • Mark Holmes

    I agree completely that when we invest in technology it changes our business perspective.

  • Stephen Fulton

    Well explained

  • Lee Robinson

    Very interesting

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