How to Create a Mascot for a Company

How to Create a Mascot for a Company

Anuja Lath 03/09/2018 6

How do you recognize a brand? It can be determined by the colours, fonts, logo or even by something called a brand mascot. For example, when we say Coca-cola, we know you’re thinking of their very distinct font on a bright red band sitting perfectly wrapped around a coca-cola shaped bottle.

RedAlkemi as an example are very fond of branding. They believe that the impact of branding can be massive on any business, big or small. Mascots have been used creatively in the marketing of advertising field and for a long time. More often than not, people overlook the importance of mascot branding and the benefits it can have for a brand.

A brand mascot can be an animal, a person or an object, in any shape and form that reflects your company's look and feel. The human brain easily associates things with visuals of heroes and characters. Mascots bring visual, verbal and auditory element to your brand, which further helps to increase brand awareness. Users find it easy to communicate with a brand mascot, as it gives a more humanly feel to your brand. And this is why users are able to recognize a company with a brand avatar. A brand mascot enable users to remember your brand which boosts brand recognition and brand identity.

A good example of this is Mickey Mouse by Walt Disney, who gave life to cartoon characters. Perhaps, this is the reason why you are able to relate the character of Mickey Mouse whenever somebody mentions Disney.

Creating a brand mascot might seem like an easy task, however, it is not. Not every brand has a mascot. But the ones that do certainly enjoy the benefits of it. So if you’re ready to get your brand a mascot, buckle up!

Here is how you create a mascot for a company:

Do Not Rush

Although we’ve discussed the importance of mascot in branding, it is necessary that you carry out the process of creating a mascot without being in a rush. Very often, brand and businesses make long term decisions without spending enough time thinking about them. But do not rush into this unless you have analyzed all aspects of your business.

You must go back in time to when your brand was born. Your mascot must have a story to it based on the journey of your brand. It also must be aligned with the principles, values, vision and mission of the company. You could even consider having a discussion with the co-founders of the company to know every trait of your business. The trick is to spend a good amount of time creating this mascot that will represent your brand for as long as your brand lives.

Focus on Personality

You cannot ensure success just by creating a brand avatar. The personality of your brand avatar needs to be aligned with the nature of your business.

Take time to think about what character can personify your brand? For this, you will have to jot down the characteristics of your brand. Take into account things such as tone, colors, everyday mood, voice & personality. Adding these little details to your mascot is what will bring it as close to your brand in terms of representation. These questions will help you imagine a real personality that can be the true face of your brand.

Be as creative while creating a brand mascot but it should be aligned with your brand identity. The personality of your mascot should reflect the attributes of your company. The result? A fictional character that reflects the heart and soul of your brand.

Complete Look

Once you are halfway to finalize your mascot, remember to check it for various print media and online channels. As your brand mascot will be online as well as on various magazines etc, the avatar needs to look its best.

At times, the brand avatar is not able to give the same look and feel on different media. Your mascot may be perfect for print, but not so great on digital. Spend a little more time to figure our how your mascot will look on different channels.

The designers and business owners often get stuck while deciding on the costume of the mascot. Again, the costume needs to be something that aligns with your brand attributes. 

Bonus tip: whatever you choose, remember that a smiling mascot will always appeal more to the viewers!

Niche Specific

Creating a mascot that is relatable to your niche audience is the key. For example, Ronald McDonald is a character that looks like he gets along with kids and likes to have adventures. Considering that this was an initiative of combining hamburgers & a colorful clown to attract more children, we think it worked perfectly because it resonated well with the right audience.

So, having a mascot serves many of the purposes, like boosting brand recognition and creating brand awarweness. But at the same time, we suggest not to rush into this. Seek advice from professional marketers before jumping in to creating one for your brand. Take time to analyze your budget, expenses and the pros and cons that come along.

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  • Karl Gray

    Donald is supposed to bring good luck. Kids love him. Back when I was a kid, I used to see him everywhere in McDonalds.

  • In reply to: Karl Gray

    This is the impact of having a brand mascot

  • Ilan Russel

    Mascots help brands to stand out from their competitors. They symbolise the values of a brand.

  • Agree Ilan, having a brand mascot improves your brand recognition.

  • Priyanka Tiwari

    I love the Amul girl. She is representing India's leading dairy products company.

  • Vicky Boulton

    My personal fav mascot is Spuds McKenzie.

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