Importance of Twitter Polls for Businesses

Importance of Twitter Polls for Businesses

Importance of Twitter Polls for Businesses

Twitter is unfortunately no longer the most successful social media marketing platform today.

But it is still an important platform for businesses to communicate with their audience! Whether you’re a small business, a start-up or an influencer in the making, you must leverage Twitter and features it has to offer. One such feature that we’re going to explore today is making a Twitter poll.

Twitter polls is not a new feature, but it is definitely one of the best ways of engaging with your audience on Twitter while also getting first-hand insight into how your audience think and feel. Making Twitter polls is a great way to ask your audience for their opinion on what they like or dislike, and hence get a good deal of information about the kind of content your target audience likes to consume. Before you begin, let’s guide you on how to set up a Twitter poll.

How to Set up a Twitter Poll

For those who think that creating a Twitter poll is a tedious job, it’s not. In fact, creating a Twitter poll is as simple as posting any content on social media.

  1. Open the Twitter page and click on the Home option.
  2. Paste the caption in the Tweet box, hover the mouse over the third link below the tab, that says “Add Poll”. You will now see the check box () that displays options for the poll.
  3. The poll can have options ranging from 2 choices to 4 choices. You can choose the duration for which you want to continue your poll, from option that displays “Poll length”. You can choose the duration ranging from 1 day to 7 days and click on Tweet.
  4. A tip to remember: you cannot add images or pictures on a poll. Also, you could boost the visibility of your poll by adding a hashtag prior to the main keywords.    
  5. Also, for the voters out there, their vote is not visible publicly and option chosen is visible only to them, no one can know what option you have chosen.
  6. As for the person who has created the poll, can only see a total number of votes that the poll has received, nothing other than that.

Now that you know how to set up a twitter poll, here are the benefits of Twitter polls for a business:

Consumer Insight

Conducting a Twitter poll is one of the simplest ways of getting a good understanding of what your target audience on Twitter like, dislike, enjoy, etc. A poll simply asks a user for his or her opinion on a particular topic. For example, a question we recently asked our audience on our RedAlkemi Twitter account was “What’s your favorite social media platform?”. Based on the answers, we got a fair understanding that our audience enjoys hanging out on Twitter and Instagram more as compared to Facebook and LinkedIn.

Such insight can be good for your business or start-up, especially if you’re looking for answers to questions. Twitter polls are great for engaging with your audience while getting information from them.

User Engagement

Asking questions is a great way of engaging with your audience on Twitter. Questions arise curiosity and opinions among your audience and people enjoy sharing their thoughts and opinions on social media. To leverage this, you could ask questions that will help you formulate your strategies better. Also, if your polls are more generic than specific, they’re likely to receive more attention since not everybody understands industry-specific jargon.

More Visibility

When more and more users see your poll, they are bound to check your profile on Twitter. This in turn increases the online visibility of your posts and also your Twitter handle. This leads to having an enhanced online social media presence.

Increase the Follower Base

Are you losing out on your followers? If it is so, you need to initiate a Twitter poll now. This will instantly boost the activity and engagement of your followers.

Value your Audience

What is conducting a poll? It is basically taking your users' opinion in a crisper and more precise manner. Once you have conducted a poll and collected enough data from your target audience, make sure you use this data to your advantage. You must realize that it is useful data that you must use to benefit your customers and in turn your business.  

Ask Anything

Leverage Twitter polls and ask anything you’d like. This could be regarding your business, country, politics, favorite milkshake flavor or even preference between cats and dogs! As long as you do not offend your audience, have fun with Twitter polls! Be ready to talk about any sort of topic that comes your way. Add a bit of humor to make your polls more interesting, funny and engaging. For this, do a bit research on what makes a good poll to be asked on Twitter.

Ask for Feedback

Are you a startup or a business that is trying to establish itself in the market? Use Twitter polls to your advantage! Ask your audience for feedback through Twitter polls is a great tool to collect valuable feedback. Whether it is a product or a service that you about to launch, the best feedback you will receive is from your existing user base. So don’t hesitate to ask for their opinion on your products and services.

To conclude, Twitter polls give great insight into things you can change or improve about your own business, thanks to your audience! For businesses, Twitter polls are given more importance as it is truly an effective way of collecting feedback and user opinion.

Before initiating a Twitter poll, formulate a rough strategy and organize a set of good questions to ask on Twitter polls that give you a deep insight into your users’ psychology!

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  • George Martinez

    Opinion polls are one of my favorite, they are an easy way to interact with a brand's audience, get creative, and understand customers' opinions.

  • Jessica Roman

    In reply to: George Martinez

    They are also a great resource for content development and creation.

  • Chris Peacock

    These polls have become a valid representation of public opinion.

  • Brad Jay

    Online user interactivity increases persuasion, some the Twitter polls could be misleading on a range of political issues

  • George Herman

    That was very helpful. Thank you!

  • Peter Lewis

    Excellent as always, Anuja. Thank you. 

  • Ibrahim Nafees

    Thank you for enlightening me on Twitter polls

  • Eugene Weston

    Good explanation, I am impressed ;)

  • Evan Miller

    I have been on Twitter for several years but it seemed daunting. I think I will dive in, now!

  • Robin Thompson

    I have a twitter account, but have never used Twitter polls because I had no idea what to do with them

  • Eric Alexander

    Thank you for the great information

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