Leading Digital Marketing Company’s Substantial Growth: A 2020 Expansion Story

Leading Digital Marketing Company’s Substantial Growth: A 2020 Expansion Story

Mihir Gadhvi 04/05/2021 2
Leading Digital Marketing Company’s Substantial Growth: A 2020 Expansion Story

A team of two innovative minds expanded to a dream team of over 70 zestful employees in 9 glorious years who have joined forces to achieve what was initially envisaged and to accomplish the entrenched goals.

The progressing team of Idea Clan attained exponential revenue growth each year and in 2020, the growth was prodigious with $15 million in revenue for the company which is 5 times the last year’s revenue. 

It all began with a spark of ideas that ignited the creativity in their minds and now, those ideas have been sculpted into IDEA CLAN – a MarTech company with a team of world-class creators, performance-marketers, and growth engineers who have been highly rated throughout the globe.

When two fellow engineering students, Sahil Walia and Rohit Ajmani, found themselves determined to build something that is purely the amalgamation of their vision, skills, and experience, they discovered it was just a matter of stepping ahead and taking that chance to realize the dream. 


They decided to find their own way to the destination instead of taking the conventional path to the target. Eccentricity and absurdity accompanied them at every step of the way and they held on to them tightly for they knew that’s how they’ll reach the unattainable skies. The young dauntless minds started their journey with web development as their focus and managed to create 200 websites, all on their own as a team of two. 

Their website development plans may have not aligned with their vision and they encountered their first stumbling block in this incredible journey. But a little hiccup could not shake their strong will to create what they had always imagined. They were prepared to leap over any hurdle that shows up as they clung to new ideas emerging in their minds.  

This failure fueled them with energy and innovation to keep moving in the direction of their targets. They were now behind the wheel with their eyes on the road as they commenced a new venture. These two stepped into the world of affiliate marketing, buckled down to the work it demanded and spared no effort as they could finally see their vision taking a shape. 


The inspiring leaders of this Clan have represented the company at various huge marketing events in various continents of the world including the Affiliate Summit West in the U.S.A, DMEXCO, and more such illuminating Ad Tech and Affiliate summits and seminars. Idea Clan has been participating in the Indian Affiliate Summit for a couple of years now and in 2020, during the IAS Virtual, they shared their journey through the years from social media apps to lead generation and ideating expansion plans in the marketing world. 

Rohit Ajmani, Co-Founder and CEO, says, “The enlightening experiences from all over the globe lend a futuristic view into the marketing landscape and strengthen our aspirations to grow in this field as we keep exploring this intriguing world of digital marketing. 

With several years of experience in Affiliate Marketing, Rohit Ajmani has a few significant words to share. “While heading towards the affiliate marketing targets, keep your eye on the ball, dodge the diversions, and drive the traffic. Building a strategy at the first step is an indispensable part of this process,” he says. 

Our founders never miss the opportunity to network with the brilliant minds of this industry and assimilate the genius ideas and marketing trends. They look forward to attending Affiliate World Conferences every year and have experienced the impact of mastermind-level concepts in the conferences held in Asia (Bangkok) and Europe (Barcelona). 

The team believes that one way to stay updated with the marketing trends is to keep pace with the escalation of various platforms that we work on including Facebook, Snapchat, Google, and more. The founders of Idea Clan have visited these offices for significant insights into the essential digital aspects. It’s always an enriching experience at such adventurous and dynamic places with lots to explore and learn. 

From 8 people who stepped into the first workplace of Idea Clan on February 8, 2012, to building a clan of more than 70 members each bringing a unique perspective to the table, the company has grown tremendously over the years with team spirit, dedication, and ideation being the driving aspects. 

The challenges never end but each member is devoted to achieving more as they are constantly encouraged by their mentors who never let another obstacle feel like a struggle. In fact, it is just another lesson. 

The combined efforts and remarkable ingenuity has taken Idea Clan towards the goals at an impressive pace. By combining the various tools of technology with the marketing projects, Idea Clan is on its way to becoming a MarTech firm. 

Sahil Walia, Co-Founder and Director, says, “Modern marketing has its own needs, and serving them with the technical tools to streamline marketing processes is the aim here. From website development and affiliate marketing, we have now expanded our horizons with lead generation, content marketing, and more inventive plans in the pipeline.”

The amicable workplace of Idea Clan is always reflecting passion and enthusiasm to grow and achieve the unattainable. Verve and warmth never leave the doors of this office. The one big powerful team that’s always ready to fight the challenges together describes their mentors as the “true inspiration emanating through the dynamic personalities they possess”. 

As the team is fixated on the goals and dreams, each member of the clan is embracing the accomplishments and victories that are the outcome of their determination. In 2021, Idea Clan completed 9 years and rolled out the red carpet for the upcoming adventures. They achieved the fivefold revenue rise in 2020, all through substantial perseverance, unbridled innovation, and consistent efforts.

The team inhaled the rush of unparalleled emotions that arrived with this milestone and geared up for all that’s in store for the future.

With unswerving zeal, unceasing motivation, and boundless dreams, the journey continues with the team preparing for the long road that awaits. What once was merely an imagination of two young college students is now a thriving reality! So far, this ride has been full of learnings and insightful experiences. Undoubtedly, there is still a lot to unveil on this journey of digital marketing. Team Idea Clan is prepared for this next invigorating chapter. 

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    Inspirational success story !!

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    All the best for the future

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