Leverage Intent Data To Be More Empathic With Your Prospects In 2022

Leverage Intent Data To Be More Empathic With Your Prospects In 2022

Issac Thomas 22/12/2021
Leverage Intent Data To Be More Empathic With Your Prospects In 2022

Intent data brings a certain empathy into marketing campaigns.

As marketers already know the buying intent of accounts they are targeting. When the intent is already known, the probability of spamming becomes less and inculcates the culture of permission marketing as quoted by Seth Godin. This article will highlight how to practice empathy for your customers with intent data in 2022. 

Ever got a call from a sales representative while you were having an off day or were busy having a great experience. Only to be interrupted by someone trying to sell you a product you don’t want in the first place. Not only does it make you furious but it also leaves a bad impression about the brand in your mind.

Why Did a Marketing Call Annoy You in the First Place?

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You were not ready to buy when they called you. As simple as that. A marketer needs to be empathic while approaching their customers. 

It doesn’t make any sense to make a key and then run around looking for a lock to open.

-This is Marketing by Seth Godin

They should know their buying intent before trying to reach you out. 

Why Empathy is Needed in Marketing and How to Practice it in 2022?

How to Actually Use Empathy To Be a Successful Leader

Empathy is needed because you won’t find civil engineers calling people in the middle of the day to sell them products that matter or don’t matter to them. 

Marketers do!

Pursuit of attention at the expense of truth needs to stop as consumers have become wary of ads. 38% of US online adult users have installed an ad-blocker. Not out of hostile consumer intent but a casual indifference to advertiser interests. 

Embrace marketing that puts efforts to understand the world from the eyes of their consumers. So, that you connect with them and a human-to-human connection needs empathy.

Why Conversations Are Important?

Marketing is about helping people. Do not push your sales pitch, instead, listen and understand their problem. Have a conversation. Don’t give an impression that you want something from them instead make them feel that they can get what they want using your help. 

How to Have Better Digital Conversations?

Consumer Feedback

Use intent data to understand your customer and how to better connect with them in conversations. Understand where they are in the buying process and give them a great content experience. Focus on these two aspects-

1. Provide a Unique Content Experience

People log on to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube for different purposes. Every platform has its own template and content type. Go native, figure out content assets your prospects are consuming. 

Find out what piques the interest of your prospect. Produce content strategically keeping the needs of your audience as the topmost priority. 

  • Look at the bigger perspective rather than focusing on individual content pieces. Consider end-to-end user experience and optimize how users engage with your content.
  • Why are you creating a content piece, where will you place it, how and where will the reader find it? Answer these questions and orchestrate your content assets.
  • Keep user needs as your topmost priority and structure engagement across the whole journey.

Look beyond transactional content. Don’t just use content to drive marketing-qualified leads. Instead, broaden your perspective and take care of the whole buyer’s lifecycle. The goal is to share valuable information with someone who needs it and not to be an intruder in their viewing experience. 

2. Know Your Buyer’s Journey

Prospects searching for your product or service may be doing their research or might have an intention to make a purchase. When you create a Google Ad, consider the search intent behind the keyword.

The kind of content they engage with gives insights on whether they are in the awareness, consideration, or decision stage. This reduces clutter and allows you to precisely create an outreach campaign that targets your prospects as per the stage of the buyer’s journey they are in. it makes your marketing campaign relevant that could likely start a conversation leading to better conversions.

How Does it Work?

  1. Take keywords from paid search aligning to your campaign objectives.
  2. Create a custom model that untangles billions of intent signals to find out accounts showing buying activity towards your keywords.
  3. Deliver in-market accounts as per the strength of the intent signal (intent score) and type of content they are engaging in (buying score).

Stop pushing, start conversing. After all, marketing is all about helping. Discover the intent of your prospects today!

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