Significance of Keyword Research Tools for your Business

Significance of Keyword Research Tools for your Business

Anuja Lath 21/11/2019 5
Significance of Keyword Research Tools for your Business

If you are already into SEO and are using a content strategy that is giving jerks to your competitors, you definitely know how keywords can make a difference to your business.

But, for all others, the basic truth is that content cannot survive in this ruthless online competition if you are not using keywords. Keywords? Eh! Where do you find them? Yes! Keywords are the lifeline for your content. Content these days is not just written for reading but has become a potent marketing tool. Marketers see a huge potential in the content as a great tool for attracting more traffic. So, they ensure that it is highly relevant and engaging. This means your keywords have to be well-researched and meaningful to the topic at hand.

What is Keyword Research?

How do you get to the Best Keywords? Keyword research is an integral part of the SEO strategy for your business. It is carried out to arrive at the most popular words and phrases that are entered by people to carry out their searches. Many keyword research tools are used merely to find out how high is the demand for certain keywords. This is often reflected in the volume. This information helps in determining the level of optimization that is needed. Not only will they define the level of success of the current blog post but also give you clues about your next.

When you enter this domain and dig a bit deeper, there are some terms that will keep coming back to you. In order to ensure, you do not get stumped by these,  and you have a fair idea of what the whole game is about, here are some of them touched briefly.

The Keyword Planner

Simply put, it is a great keyword research tool. The most widely used is the Adwords Keyword Planner that is integrated into the interface of Adwords. It is formed by the combination of the Google Keyword Tool and the AdWords Traffic Estimator. The best part is that it is an enhanced version of the same due to the integrated workflow for directing the users just as in a wizard. Users are able to get to the new keywords for the creation of new Ad Groups and even new Ad Campaigns. This is an incredible tool for the following:

  • Finding New Keywords: Planner assists in brainstorming random ideas for keywords depending on the landing page and even a product category.

  • Keyword Statistics and Estimates: Many options for targeting can be made like the country, language and even the search network for informing various keyword estimates.

  • Filtering: It also enables you to narrow down your keyword list depending on criteria like average CPC, or even the volume.

Now that you have a fair idea of what keyword research is all about and the related tools. Let us just walk you through some other popularly used tools for the same.

You should also do some research and find the best SEO company that can help you with your keyword research and marketing strategy. The right service to help you will be the one that uses different tools for finding the perfect and most profitable keywords for your website.

Popular Keyword Research Tools

There is no end to the number of keyword research tools available online. This is both good and bad news. Think! It’s good to have options but too many of them often add to the confusion. Here is a list of the tools that were most popular in 2019.

  • Rank Tracker: A highly powerful tool that has one of the largest keyword databases that uses around 23 methods of keyword research which includes Google Keyword Planner, Search Console, and even Google Analytics. It also helps in keyword analysis as per the most efficient SEO indicators like the number of searches, keyword difficulty, competition, keyword length, etc.

  • Google Planner: It is a free keyword research tool from Google that goes along well both with the keyword research and PPC campaigns. Although there are not many metrics available it still furnishes enough information to get a basic understanding of the quality of the keywords.

  • KW Finder: This is one tool completely dedicated to keyword research. Although new to the niche, yet it has risen sharply to gain the attention of the marketers. They give the keywords that invite high traffic. It specifically helps you find specific long-tail keywords particularly related to your problem.

  • Jaaxy: It is an online tool that will completely enhance your keyword research process and will help you get a whole set of related keywords. The beauty of the tool is that it uses a combination of data from the most popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo along with the data that falls under its own proprietary to ensure your keyword search is comprehensive and complete. The tool also generates many metrics around your keywords that also includes the Quoted Search Results that prove how other websites rank for the same search queries.

Keyword research is essential to give a new boost to your SEO strategy and a new lift to your content marketing campaign. Do not miss out on your share of the online traffic and grab your favorite keyword research tool from above and see the difference. And, yes! do not forget to share your experiences with us.


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    There are more advanced techniques that we should know.

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    Keywords have always been a central component of SEO

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    The rules are quickly changing for how to write content.

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    Search engines are now more capable of factoring in the intent of searches when deciding what content to rank.

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    Focusing on broad-tail and long-tail keyword research can provide some ideas, but it’s only a start.

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