The Power Of Video Marketing For E-Commerce Remote Workers

The Power Of Video Marketing For E-Commerce Remote Workers

The Power Of Video Marketing For E-Commerce Remote Workers

The digital world we’re living in today is moving towards enjoying video content more and more as the days go by.

Get in on the action and increase your sales.

Videos make up for almost 80% of all internet traffic. Let’s take you out of your CEO hat and remember when you were looking for a product online. Let’s say it was a dinner set. Out of the 100s of brands that catered to your needs, which one did you select?

Here’s a wild guess: the one with more photos/ videos showcasing how awesome the product was.

Similarly, although investing in video marketing may seem like a huge one, it pays off equally. Let’s get straight to why your business can benefit from more video marketing efforts:

Compelling Videos

Why Do I Need Video Marketing?

Hubspot’s marketing research suggests that almost 80% of people watch videos online, and 55% of them watch videos daily!

Did you know that second to Google, YouTube is the most trafficked website today? This is why more and more companies are not just looking for a digital marketing agency but one that specializes in YouTube SEO.  

This sheer audience volume should be enough to get you wanting a slice of this cake. 

What Makes It Effective?

  • Landing pages that have video content have an 80% increase in their conversions.

  • Even email campaigns have a 19% higher open rate if the word video is used in the subject line.

  • Video marketing is great for creating engagement with your customer base as it allows you to tell a story about your products.

  • While a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. You can demonstrate all your product benefits and other descriptions easily in a very short video.

  • Testimonial videos can help you gain more customers as it builds trust in your brand.

What Kind Of Videos Can I Create?

As the owner of an eCommerce company, the potential for the kind of videos you can create for your brand is only as limited as your imagination.

As long as you have a solid understanding of what your customers want and need, you can create a video marketing strategy using an online video editor. Let’s look at a few categories that might help you.

Short Marketing Videos

Today, with the rise of Social Media usage, there’s a video for everything. Don’t feel pressured to have a fancy camera or expensive equipment to make a marketing video for your brand. Topics like:

  • Addressing customer questions
  • Your brand’s USP
  • Product release announcements etc.

These categories are great to give you a headstart. Write a short script, an offer, or a plan for where you want to share your video and how. As Nike said: Just do it. 

Product Tutorial How-to’s

How-to videos are a category that gets a lot of eyeballs. You don’t need to have a professionally shot video for this. Rather with simple video editing tools and a great script that addresses all possible questions your client would have for your product, you can get started posting these videos.

Not only will your youtube channel base grow with your YouTube SEO efforts, but you can get more traffic to your website too.

Animated Product Videos

If you’re not willing to show your face on the video or hire an actor, then an animated product video can be a fun and eye-catching alternative. There are many tools to do animated videos or you can reach out to digital animators online and get going. From there, it’s either you promote it yourself or hire a Google Ads agency to promote your video and watch your fanbase grow.

Product Manuals

Instructional videos on how your customer can set up your product is a great video category as people have less attention span these days. Besides, you can pack more information into a 30s video than a 1-page manual. 

Not only will this build trust in your brand, but your SEO efforts will pay off. People are constantly searching for information on your product; now imagine your video shows up enough times even to land you on the first page of Google.

Product Reviews And Testimonials

Remember that humans love feeling like part of a community. Why? Community builds trust. This is why you get social credit for testimonials. 

“If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me” mindset of your users needs the satisfaction of testimonials. Leverage this information and highlight all testimonials you’ve received.

Expert Interviews

Want to establish yourself as the thought leader in your industry? Nothing comes close to getting expert interview videos. Interviewing experts in your industry will establish trust for your product amongst your user base and position your brand in their minds. 

Also, think about the reach an expert would bring to your brand.

Story-based Videos

As a species, we love and appreciate stories. It’s what we grew up to. Engage your audience with story-based videos of your brand values or the inspiration behind a certain product.

Create a narrative around your brand. Think about how Nike talks about their shoes in their ads. They don’t just talk about the feature; they talk about how their shoes help a passionate sports person enjoy their favorite sport better.

A great digital marketing agency has experts who can help compellingly tell your story. This would boost your ROI like no other strategy.

Social Media Live Videos

Want to engage with your customers and build more trust? Social media live is the way to go. Whether you just do a product launch online or connect with your followers through Livestream, get people interested in your brand by building more connections.

Digital marketing agencies have in-house social media experts that can help you understand what time is best for going live so you can connect with maximum people. Also, they can set up the marketing required beforehand, so you have a successful Livestream.

What Are Some Examples Of Video Marketing For Successful Ecommerce? 

As you have already understood, your audience would have different needs and expectations on what they want to see from your brand, depending on your product vertical. Here are five examples of brands that have successfully leveraged the power of video marketing:

Nine Line

Nine Line, the apparel company, introduced a hoodie called the ‘stout hoodie’ with their famously hilarious video ad on how you can carry your stout beer without the fear of bottle breaking.  

Leverage humor in your video marketing strategy to engage and retain your audience’s attention.

Man Crates

When Man Crates launched their product description video, they had great success as they managed to showcase their brand spirit while explaining to the customers what they can expect from them. 

Use your brand’s jargon and connect with your fan base.


Technology videos don't need to be boring, as you can tell from any Apple videos. You can showcase all of your product features while keeping your customers alert through it all by addressing how your product makes your customer feel. 

Highlight what problem your product is trying to solve for your customers.

As you can see, video marketing is greatly beneficial to your business. Like other marketing tools, video marketing does involve marketing, so you need to have a strategy on how you can use your videos to get more sales. A digital marketing agency can help you get your story out into the world and establish you as a leader in your industry so you can further expand your market. 

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