The Rise of Video Marketing 

The Rise of Video Marketing 

Anas Bouargane 13/09/2019 4
The Rise of Video Marketing 

Video marketing has become central to outreach campaigns. It relies on videos to promote products and services, educate consumers, and reach an even bigger audience. 2019 transformed video marketing from a singular marketing tactic to an entire business strategy. 

Ultimately, marketers enjoyed immense brand popularity that brought them leads, conversions, prominent sales, accelerated ROI, and of course, a good customer base. Without a shadow of a doubt, the audience responds well to videos, and as per that, we managed to create different categories for stressing our different marketing motives.  

If you observe people around you, they are all busy on their smartphones, entertaining themselves with videos. 

Visual content grabs 80% of consumer internet traffic, and there are enormous jaw-dropping video statistics that will make you realize the power of video marketing for all businesses, whether big or small, all equivalent.

Marketers, You need to Possess a Video Marketing Strategy

Camera Video Call

Video is the new craze !

You gonna earn name and fame, create a never-seen-before video.

You gonna drive your sales high, give customers an engaging and educational video.

You wanna enter into the market, develop an introductory visual content.

You name your market motive, video and its distinct types come up with these all, simply aimed to fulfill all your wishes, delivering desired results. But wait, is this all real, can your business dreams be attained in real life? 

Indeed, with a workable and robust video marketing strategy!

Small and bijou firms, if you are not getting results out of your visual marketing, then either you fail in the implementation, or your advertising walls are feeble. There are many explainer video software available which can help you with your marketing attempts and get you organic traffic, spreading visibility and brand awareness.

For now, let's focus on some tips and tricks that will help you fly high with your brand promotional attempts, done visually.

[Before gazing down, make sure you do it all right, at the right time, targeting the right audience type.]

Know Your Target

First things first, don't try to market to everyone, you'll end up marketing to no one. With video marketing as a move, make sure that your campaigning goals have a direction and are focused on driving awareness, traffic, and sales.

Keep your ideal client in mind and list up your targeted audiences' needs and preferences. Do some research:

  • Which media channels they are most active on?
  • Which language to use to communicate effectively?
  • At what time the users are mostly free?
  • Which age group to target?
  • Which major public challenges to encounter?

Yes, you have to be more close to them, rather, be a part of their world as this is how you connect in real and in a meaningful way.

The Title of the Video Must Stimulate

Do you read any blog unless it diverts your attention from work or it has a solution dealing with a commonly faced problem? If anything that is displayed to allure the masses' interest, it must stimulate. 

A video's title must be eye-catchy to grab the viewer's attention, and furthermore, you can use some highly searched and relevant keywords in the title to enhance the volume of its click-through-rates.

Introduction Hooks the Interest

We are unlikely to open an email until it has an inspiring subject line, we hardly read any blog until it tries to capture our interest, and the same is the case with your visual assets created for brand promotion. 

We all know the 10s mantra, if we aren't able to stick our audience for more than 10s we will probably fall with our number of viewers and our video will be clicked off to something next in line.

Thus, make your video inspiring, entertaining, engaging, and informative to get them hooked till the end. Add some social proof(s) in the beginning as they act as a key to influencing people.

Focus More on the Mission

Your goal is your brand's advertising and making it gain a widespread reach; nevertheless, the mission is not the same. The mission is to engage a great number of people by channeling the primary message of the video.

The highly designed visual element must focus less on the product and more on the mission.

Storytelling Matters

Here we can relate to ourselves; we often remember reports, statistics, and figures; however, we remember the main story that was shown. Likewise, give your viewers an inspiring or humorous anecdote that connects instantly.

Telling a story in a video can help to communicate in the best way possible as they relate to the world and help understand things better and easy. In your story, add some elements like personalization, display of expertise, process flow, etc. to make it a worthy one.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile and e-devices are at an arm's distance of all the individuals. Everything is online, and the first thing which is at disposal to get to know anything on the web is our mobile phone. 

Thus, it's imperative to create mobile-friendly videos that are quick to download to be enjoyed on any mobile device.

SEO Optimized

Every business would want to see its video to be on the 'Top Trending Videos' list, by being ranked high or #1 by the search engines. And for this motive, it's essential to get it well optimized to gain global visibility.

There are certain aspects you need to take care of while forging a video, making it SEO friendly to get the desired outcomes. Take a look:

  • Video length
  • Keyword relevancy
  • Keyword placement
  • Use of tags
  • High-quality thumbnails
  • Link to website
  • And much more

Keep it Short and Precise

The less you say, the more likely people are to remember.

Helen Klein Ross 

People have loads of time to view funny, refreshing, and entertaining videos, but do you think they have time to watch your too long and lengthy brand promotional videos?

So get your efforts focused on how to make short and to the point videos, explaining and describing the maximum in the minimum of time. 

Bring Customers into the Frame

This is one of the most appealing and powerful ways to add up customer reviews in the videos by making them talk about it, how they used, benefits they gained, or any other aspect which added value.

The real and actual interaction with the users of the product/service can make a big difference in influencing people and attracting them towards your brand.

Trust me; it works, it works really well!

Build Hype prior to the Launch

Don't fire the bullet in anxiety to get instant sales and high revenues. Build some hype before launching your product, add some more value to it by promoting it on your website, blogs, and social networks.

These days, creating 'Video Highlights' is in the trend which gives a few glimpses of your product/service/features/brand, thereby, enhancing curiosity among the viewers which ultimately, urges them to see the video at its launch date.

These are some of the methods that can help you start with your video marketing and analyze what to include in promoting the best of your business in the form of visuals. Does this journey end here?

What's next?

Analyze your Video Performance


It's mandatory to track and identify, how fruitful your campaigning efforts would be once the video is in the market. It's vital to know whether the time, effort, money, resources, you invested proved their actual worth or not.

You can measure the aftereffects by the below-mentioned metrics:

  • Engagement Rate

This factor helps to determine the interaction your video got, and the duration people watched it. The rate will let you know the quality of the visual content and the feasibility of the video length.

  • Play Rate

This will let you analyze the user behavior in a sense. The proportion will tell you the number of unique users who played the video via different social channels. By doing this, you'll get insights about the audience and their use of network mode.

  • Social Sharing

This will give you the count of how many times your video got shared. The more the number, the more is the video liked, which will prove that people showed interest in it or gleaned value from it.

  • View Count

This will tell you the number of how many times your video was seen by the viewers. Each platform has a different measuring way of viewing counts.

  • Comments

It shows the type of comments people added to the video. You might get positive as well as negative feedback or comments, but you have to take it in a positive manner as this will help you create your next videos which work well and will be far better.

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    I have become addicted to Instagram videos

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    I hate video ads that are longer than 30 seconds

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    Even brands are now using clickbait titles to attract our attention

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