Top 5 Habits to Succeed Now

Top 5 Habits to Succeed Now

Sandeep Barve 04/06/2020 4
Top 5 Habits to Succeed Now

The world around us will not be same again. Prior to lock-down and post corona virus era would be completely different.

Everyone is trying to ascertain and gauge what would it be and how can they overcome the crisis and succeed.

Here are 5 things if you focus now, can guarantee you not just survival but success in the coming days.

1. Revitalise

It's time to revitalise your energies. The ensuing economic crisis and recovery is going to be a long drawn battle. And this is possibility that you may go up and down in the change curve and at times feel like getting into the valley. It is precisely to avoid this anxieties and depression fitness across all levels will be crucial. Therefore Taking care of your Physical, mental & emotional fitness will be the first thing everyone will have to focus. Your will power and can do attitude will be the required ingredients to succeed.

Create a daily routine of exercise & yoga. Get up early in the morning to self charge so that you can withstand daily pressure. 

Developing immunity & endurance will build the required resilience to succeed.

2. Reinvigorate

While there are future anxieties and concerns, the best thing to do is focus on relaxing your mind through entertainment, reviving hobbies and even enjoying the lock-down & isolation to reflect upon and introspect. Time has come; irrespective of the religion, cast, creed and gender, Meditation is one such practice that everyone must adopt.

Set your own daily meditation routine, relaxation time, do nothing time, time to reflect the day and ways to de-stress

Unless you calm your mind, rational thinking will not emerge.

3. Re-Learn

Acquire new skills both for pleasure as well as for career, leadership & business. You need to quickly adapt and adopt. There will be times where your response will be tested, where you will constantly challenged. Therefore develop a knack to constantly & quickly adapt to the changing circumstances. Learning new skills and competencies will help you innovate & develop new ways of doing things; in personal and professional life.

Nothing will disrupt you, if you become an ever learning person or organisation.

4. Relationship

You have ample time now and the best way to utilise is to build bridges. Call and talk to people- relatives, friends, colleagues, partners, suppliers, customers, enhance relationship because that’s what is going to work when you are more and more working remotely. Even the sales will have to be done with lesser face to face contacts for quite some time.

Most of the deals happen not because of superior products or services but because of strong relationships.

5. Reinvent

The final one is constant reinvention. Get used to it. You will have to learn to re-imagine the future in your context and accordingly rethink, redesign & reinvent yourselves. Focus on how you can reinvent yourself & your business.

For your career progression you not only need to acquire new skills & competencies but equally develop new habits & behaviours. Developing a capability to anticipate change & identifying opportunities will prepare you to be an excellence manager / leader.

And for the business reinventing would mean changing everything- what you produce, the way you produce, the way you sell, the way you service and the way you make money. Everything will have to undergo a drastic change, be a complete new avatar.

Only those who successfully reinvent will survive and scale in the future.

These are not just the habits and practices to be adopted for a while; today with just an objective of overcoming crisis but these are life long principles to be acquired to ensure you sustain and succeed under all circumstances.

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  • John Connor

    Eat well, sleep early, read books, go to the gym and spend time with my family: That's how I am productive.

  • Bruce P

    Thanks for the tips

  • Daniel Miles

    Wish I was successful.. But as you said it's not too late to reinvent myself.

  • Jon Tibbit

    Thank you for the motivation

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Sandeep Barve

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Sandeep is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of In-Unison Pvt.LTD;  a company engaged in business strategy, leadership & business transformation of different firms across diverse sectors, size & scale. He is an expert in leadership & organisational transformations having successfully completed many enterprise scale projects for multi-national companies and has consulted many firms in successful transition across business life-cycle stages. Sandeep holds a Bachelor in Banking & Finance from Osmania University and an MBA in Strategic Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

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