Understanding How an Attorney Can Help In Many Cases

Understanding How an Attorney Can Help In Many Cases

Daniel Hall 18/10/2021
Understanding How an Attorney Can Help In Many Cases

"Is an attorney really necessary?" Most people have this concern if they've been in a car accident and aren't sure what their next step should be.

In reality, it's crucial to have the help of an attorney for any car accident case, as there is a lot they can do for help. Just a few of the ways they can help include the following. 

Answer Basic Questions About Case


Those who haven't been in a car accident before are going to have a lot of questions about their liability, what to expect with the case, how much compensation they should get, what they should or shouldn't do, and more. Those who get help at nicoletlaw.com, however, can get answers to the questions they have and be more knowledgeable about what is happening with their own case. 

Say the Right Things

It's all too easy to say the wrong thing when talking to others involved in the accident, the police who respond to the accident, or the insurance company for those involved. Instead, an attorney already knows what to say and what to avoid saying so there won't be any mistakes that could reduce the compensation received or lead to no compensation at all. 

Look Into Evidence for the Case

There is likely going to be evidence for the case. If there is any question as to liability for the accident, having the lawyer review all of the evidence can make a huge difference. They can determine what happened to cause the accident and help prove liability to help their client obtain compensation for the injuries and damages caused in the car accident. 

Review Potential Settlement Offers

The insurance company will likely provide a settlement offer, though it's going to start out low. In most cases, it won't be advised to accept the settlement offer because it will be much lower than what the person should receive. Instead, the lawyer will review the first and any following settlement offers to determine if one is acceptable and, if so, let their client know it's a good idea to accept it. 

Determine Full Compensation to Request

Along with reviewing any settlement offers, the lawyer will go through the expenses resulting from the car accident to determine how much compensation their client should receive. This is the amount compared to any settlement offer and will include medical bills, vehicle repairs, lost wages, legal bills, and more. Even if all of the bills have not been received yet, like when future medical care will be required, the attorney can get a good idea of how much they are worth and what the compensation should be. 

Negotiate With Insurance Companies


When the insurance company sends a low settlement offer, the next step is for the attorney to start negotiations. They will go back and forth with the insurance company on behalf of the client to obtain as close to the full amount of compensation needed as possible. This is difficult for clients to do on their own, so having an attorney handle all of this is crucial. 

If you've been in a car accident, now's the time to contact an attorney for help. These are just a few of the ways an attorney can help get you a larger settlement and make sure you have everything needed to fully recover, financially, from the accident. 

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