Wayne von Borstel and Development Associates International (DAI): The Impact of Charitable Work and Why It Matters

Wayne von Borstel and Development Associates International (DAI): The Impact of Charitable Work and Why It Matters

Daniel Hall 08/11/2022
Wayne von Borstel and Development Associates International (DAI): The Impact of Charitable Work and Why It Matters

Whether you are a private citizen or representative of a large corporation, charitable giving and philanthropy brings a wide range of benefits.

The joy of giving is infectious and good for the soul!

It’s about more than just generosity or doing a good thing for the sake of it. Charity work helps to bring people together, building communities to benefit all involved in a way that might not otherwise happen without philanthropy. It helps communities become more sustainable, helps to improve the quality of life, and brings love to families.

As Wayne von Borstel is fond of saying, “if I could help everyone be 20% more successful, and they gave half of that to some worthy cause, we could literally change the world forever”. If you need a simple reason to increase your effort when giving back to the community, let it be that.

That’s also what Wayne von Borstel is trying to do through his partnership with Development Associates International (DAI). He has been able to impact and change communities in many ways, which inspire people in those communities that are touched.

Why Charitable Work Matters

Wayne von Borstel is a business leader and entrepreneur who dedicated himself to better society for years.

In a professional capacity, von Borstel is the founder of von Borstel and Associates – a financial advisory organization dedicated to effectively managing the assets and lives of over 460 clients across the country. People come to the organization with a number of concerns, from asset management to wealth preservation and simply securing a better financial foundation for future generations. With decades of combined experience, Wayne von Borstel’s team of professionals help accomplish precisely that.

For von Borstel, his passion for helping people in any way developed at an early age. His mother lived to serve others. When he was 18 years old, his beloved grandmother asked him to invest her money, and he took what he had learned from that experience and made a career of helping people with their financial success. He later graduated from the graduate school of financial services at the American College with a Master of Science in Financial Services (MSFS). He has joined many industry organizations - including but not limited to the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Certified Financial Planners, and the Association of Estate Planners, among others.

Giving Back, One Step at a Time!

One shining example of Wayne von Borstel’s commitment to bettering the lives of as many people as possible comes from the charitable mission of von Borstel and Associates. von Borstel and Associates aim to help provide for as many underprivileged children as possible. Doing so affects children, their young families, and their communities. Not only do those people desperately need resources, but they also need something even more critical: hope.

von Borstel & Associates partnered with The Yasah orphanage. This orphanage located in Sumatra, Indonesia. It attempts to provide relief to hundreds of children - many were left destitute by the floods of the early 2000s. There are over 500 children in the attached school.

Through Development Associates International, in particular, Wayne von Borstel has given assistance to work with the founders of three grade schools and a high school in Bokondini, Eragayiam, and Dogobok, Papau. By partnering with the founders of the schools – Scotty and Heidi Wisley, they collectively came to model Christian values in a way that positively impacts the lives of hundreds of children and their families. They not only prioritize high-quality education, but also focus on assisting the indigenous population of the highlands by making families stronger and giving them hope for a better life for their children.

These schools educate more than 350 children between the 1st and 12th grades. These efforts help create communities based not on judgment (something that is unfortunately far too common in this life), but through grace and love.

So Wayne von Borstel, through his success, tries to lead by example. It is important to note that charitable contributions and philanthropy, in general, are not limited to the von Borstel and Associates company or his professional career. Wayne and his wife Marta desire to change the world for underprivileged children. To unlock the potential for educational opportunities to change their world, their lives, and their families that would not otherwise be possible. Wayne and Marta von Borstel give to communities across the globe, in Sudan, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Medan Indonesia, Papua Indonesia, Honduras, and Bangladesh.

For Wayne von Borstel, these efforts signify something he feels he gets an opportunity to do, giving him joy, contentment, and the ability to look people in the eyes and see the potential of their lives with the help of education, love and giving. Wayne has been given an incredible amount of opportunity in his life, and he has done his best to make each and every 1 of those count. By trying to help those that are not as lucky as he has been.

Because of that, he wants to help as many people as possible succeed. We can change the world one piece at a time. Helping the world be a better place - “It is good for my soul!”

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