What is the Best Betting Site for Accumulator Bets?

What is the Best Betting Site for Accumulator Bets?

Anas Bouargane 26/12/2019 2

Accumulator betting is a popular activity among gamblers, thanks to its returns. It not only expands one’s understanding on the game but opens up possibilities in other gaming fields. However, before venturing into multiple betting, one should understand the different aspects involved in accumulator bets; what to look out for when placing the stake.

The logic used in ACCA betting is choosing the outcomes in multiple markets and accumulating the odds value before summing them up in a single bet. If one is successful in all the predicted markets, the stake value is multiplied by the odds value to get the winning amount. The bigger the accumulator bet, the bigger the win. Football is the most popular accumulated bets game, thanks to its versatility and the number of markets.

Factors to Look Out for When Choosing the Best Accumulator Bets

  • Bonuses - some bookmakers have attractive accumulator bonuses. Size them up and pick the one with extra winnings besides the normal odds value.
  • Bet Editing - there are some bookmakers which allow the gamer to edit their bets, especially the live betting. It is not a common feature, but those that have it offer good returns on accumulator bets.
  • ACCA Insurance - with the design of accumulator bets, a game might render the whole bet obsolete. If a sportsbook offers the amount staked back as a free bet, it helps ease the pressure of losing.
  • Best odds - each market in the accumulator bet should be competitive enough to get a significant value on the bet slip. Some platforms rank odds on one market from different bookmakers.
  • Loyalty Points - the more one bets on a bookmaker, the more points they earn in the loyalty program. These points can be redeemed to stakes as long as the wagering terms and conditions are met.
  • Location - owing to the betting rules and regulations, different countries have bonus values and promotional limits. This is why different bookmakers have different odds value and bonus amount across the world. For example, wetten.com does not have the same accumulator value compare to the one in Germany.


The Best Accumulator Betting Site Based on Bonuses

The ranking is based on the percentage of the bonus awarded. However, to win the bonus, one should pass the minimum requirement; the number of selections per bet and the minimum odd value per market. Bet365 scores highly on that at almost double the staked amount. Other bookmakers in this category are 888Sport, Sports Interaction, and 10Bet.

The Best Accumulator Betting Site Based on Bet Editing

A fairly new feature in betting, it tries to reduce the risk of bet loss by removing the losing games in the bet. The game is edited to keep the accumulator bet viable. However, there is a reduction in bet value, and the sportsbook can only allow a certain number of edits. Ladbrokes and Bet365 are the only bookmakers with that offer.

The Best Accumulator Betting Site Based on ACCA Insurance

This is the amount returned to the gamer as either a free bet or stake refund after the accumulator bet fails by a single bet. The insurance is usually capped to a certain figure, should have a given minimum number of bets and have an opt-in option. Ladbrokes and William Hill and Wetten.com have this offer.

The Best Accumulator Betting Site Based on Best Odds

This is the main determinant for, not only accumulator bets, but all betting offers and promotions. Each bookmaker has the algorithms it uses to get the betting odds. They include gaming history between the teams, recent playing forms, the team position in the competition and other technical factors. 888Sport, Bet365, Sports Interaction, RoyalPanda, and PWR.bet are the top 5 bookmakers in Canada.

The Best Accumulator Betting Site Based on Loyalty Points

This category interrogates if the bookmakers have a loyalty program, how they value points accrued when using the accumulator bets and the redeemable free bet from the points. Such factors keep the bettor going, even if they lose bets in the short run. In Canada, Betway tops the list on the loyalty program, while Wetten, Bet365 and William Hill follow closely.

The Best Accumulator Betting Site Based on Location

Betting in Canada is different from other jurisdictions. The betting sector is not as open and elaborate as the United Kingdom for example. This is bound to affect the gaming conditions, bonus values and competitiveness. Ingenious betting companies in Canada include Sports Interaction, Bodog, Pinnacle Sports, Bet Online and YouWin. The competition coming from European based bookmakers such as William Hill, Betway, Bet365, Betfair increases the operational base, which is sometimes unfair to homegrown bookmakers. In essence, accumulator bets in Europe offer more in terms of winnings compared to Canadian based bookmakers.

Getting the Best Out of Every Bet

The variables used in creating ACCA bets have operational gaps which a smart gambler might decide to exploit. An informed punter may weigh the advantage of one factor from another, and use the difference to reduce the risk of losing a bet. A good example is a decision pitting the ACCA insurance and the accumulator bonus. A decision between doubling up your winnings and getting an accumulator bonus is reliant on the odds value, probability of winning and size of the bet.

Another decision is bet-editor versus cash-out. Bet editor allows the gamer to remove the losing bets, while cash-out terminates the whole bet before it ends due to a reduced probability of winning. These two elements are reliant on the amount one can get if he or she chooses the option with higher returns.

However, despite the advantage that comes with multi-bets, the chances of winning diminish by a unit when you add an extra bet on the accumulator bets. Experienced gamblers will carefully consider all the bonus factors to avoid going home empty-handed. If they do not win the bet, they will either get the free bet, stake refund, cashback or accumulator bonus.

The Best Betting Sites for Accumulator Bets

From the analysis above, bookmakers with the best accumulator bet in Canada include bet365, William Hill, Wetten.com, 888Sport and Sports Interaction. Other additional advantages are the gaming user experience, numerous betting markets, security, and wider games coverage.

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