WooCommerce Tips: Disabling Related Products on Your Online Store

WooCommerce Tips: Disabling Related Products on Your Online Store

Daniel Hall 19/06/2024
WooCommerce Tips: Disabling Related Products on Your Online Store

In the last few years, the e-commerce sector growth has seen increased shopping convenience and personalization.

It has attracted greater competition and the use of mobile commerce. Any e-store that wants to remain competitive must create a smooth and efficient buying experience. Millions of e-stores use WooCommerce to develop and manage their stores.

It is a strong, open-source WordPress plugin used for promoting online sales. This tool contains many useful features. One of the features that stand out is ‘related products’. This feature recommends products to buyers to improve their experience. Sometimes online marketers might want to deactivate this feature for different reasons. Let’s go through the steps to remove related products from WooCommerce.


About the WooCommerce Related Products Feature

WooCommerce is an easy-to-use plugin with many useful features. It has a large customizable library with hundreds of themes and plugins. These plugins let you personalize your online brand. WooCommerce also has a product management feature. It lets users manage inventory. Other features include analytics, marketing, payment, and shipping tools.

Technology has made shopping and making orders online easy. There are hundreds of online stores where you can shop and order for shipping.  One of the popular online shopping sites is Amazon. This platform lets you create an account and make your purchases from there. The site saves your order history to let you refer at any time. You might want to hide your purchase history due to privacy concerns. The major question that comes to your mind after this idea is can you hide orders on Amazon? You can hide orders on Amazon through a few simple steps. The easiest Amazon hide purchase is to archive your purchase history. Another easy Amazon hide orders process is to use a household account.

‘Related products’ is a valuable feature in a WooCommerce store. When a customer is shopping for certain items, this feature identifies his preferences. It then recommends similar or complementary products. This gives the shopper more options to compare and choose from.

Reasons For Deactivating the Related Products Feature

It might help to hide related products WooCommerce sometimes. You might do so to let customers focus on the main product. Deactivating this feature might help your e-store page load faster. It can help minimize clutter on the page. It simplifies the shopping experience.

Deactivating related products help simplify customer’s checkout process. Simplifying this process minimizes the chances of an abandoned cart. You can deactivate this feature if you prefer targeted marketing. Instead of letting an app recommend items, you can make tailor-made recommendations.

You might prefer to have full control of your online store. This empowers you to customize your store and product pages. Deactivating lets you build a compact product list. Fewer product displays boost access speed and your page might rank better on SEO.

How to Remove Related Products in WooCommerce

You can remove related products WooCommerce even if you are not a programmer. Some removal methods are simple but others are complicated. Here are some of the methods you can try out.

Use a Code Snippet

The easy method to hide related products is to add a code to your WooCommerce themes. You need a php file to do this. Follow these easy steps to do it.

  • Open the Theme Files feature on your WooCommerce plugin. To do this, sign into your WordPress site.
  • On the site’s dashboard, open the Appearance icon. Scroll and open Theme Editor. Open the functions.php file.
  • Type the code snipped as an extension of the functions.php file. The code should look like this:

Remove related products remove_action ('woocommerce_after_single_product_summary', 'woocommerce_output_related_products', 20);

  • To finish the process, click on the Update File icon. The related products feature will be deactivated.

Personalize Your Theme

You will get more control of your e-store when you personalize your theme. This is another simple process to hide related products WooCommerce.

Start by creating a child theme on your e-store. This theme protects your changes once you click the update file. To create a child theme, open the themes directory and create a new folder. Add these files to the folder – functions.php. and style.css. Go to the next step and make changes.

The file related.php is the one that displays related products during shopping. You need to override this file now. Open your WooCommerce plugin and copy this file – related.php. You will get this file from woocommerce/templates/single-product/. Next, paste this file into the child theme file. It should look like this – your-child-theme/woocommerce/single-product/.

In the final step, edit the template file. To do this, go to the related.php file. This is the field you pasted in the child theme. Identify the part showing related products. Delete this part and save the changes.


Remove Related Products WooCommerce Using cCstom CSS

You can also hide related products with custom CSS. Note that CSS does not remove the feature. Instead, it hides it from your display. Follow these steps.

Start by logging into your WordPress site. On the dashboard, open Appearance and go to the Customize icon. Under the Customizer field, open the Additional CSS button. Write this code in this field.

.related.products {  display: none; }

To complete the process, click on the Publish button. This will save the changes and hide related items from view.

Hide related products WooCommerce with a WooCommerce plugin

The WooCommerce plugin lets you edit your theme files and deactivate related products. You have several plugin options for this purpose. An example is the Disable WooCommerce Related Products plugin. You can also use the WooCommerce Product Page Customizer plugin. This is how you do it.

  • Login to WordPress and open the dashboard. Scroll to the Plugins button and open the Add New icon. Find the plugin you prefer to use and install it. Once installed, activate it.
  • Next, open the Settings field of the plugin you have just activated. Navigate this field to find the disable related products option.
  • The steps might be different in some plugins. The advantage of this method is that you don’t have to know coding. Plugins also let you customize them in many ways.

Related Products Management Best Practices

Product suggestions are a useful strategy to get more successful checkouts. Find out alternative methods to suggest items to shoppers after disabling related products. This can help improve the shopping experience of your online customers. Pay attention to the following best practices.

Invest in Email Marketing

Email marketing may look simple but its impact is significant. It helps you build lasting customer relationships. It increases online traffic and conversion rates. Market study data shows email marketing has a high ROI. Send targeted emails to promote your items. Suggest related items after customers make queries or check out.

Share Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Encourage customers to give feedback. Request them to review your products and services. If you get more positive reviews, shoppers who read them will build trust with you.  Many people can make purchases based on positive reviews.

Do Manual Recommendations

Related products do automated product recommendations. You can do manual recommendations after deactivating it. You may add custom spaces on your product page to show complimentary items. Customers may consider buying them when buying the main product.

Use Dynamic Product Displays

Dynamic product displays have many uses. You can use it to show promotions or new items.  They also help display urgency in purchasing certain items. This strategy uses constantly changing visuals. Its goal is to attract quick attention from shoppers. This strategy does not crowd pages. You can use sliders or carousels.


The related products feature on WooCommerce has many advantages. It makes automated product recommendations which can increase sales. You might want to disable this feature for different reasons. Deactivation boosts the speed of your page and declutters the page. It makes checkout simpler and minimizes abandoned cards. You can deactivate this feature using code, plugin, or CSS. If you have no coding experience, use the plugin method.

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