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3 years

3 Steps to Turn a Bad Boss into a Great Leader

As he read the comments from his team, I saw his facial expression change from excited to confused. At one point he looked up and said, "It's hard to believe they don't think I care about them and that I only care about their performance." Sitting back in his chair, he to process the new information. I will never forget the next thing he said:

3 years

What is Happiness? - Journey of a Mompreneur

Ever since I started working on my “Happiness Project”, I have been agonizing over the meaning of Happiness. The dictionary meaning of Happiness is “ the state of being happy”. In other words being satisfied, contended, joyful, in good spirits and at peace with our current situation. Happiness is not something you experience all the time because according to scientists it isn’t physically possible for most people to stay happy always. 

3 years

4 Key Components of Digital Transformation

The following article is an interview with Stephen Dantas, which discusses the 4 key components of digital transformation.

3 years

Social Media Marketing Myths Busted - Part 1

In today’s era where we are all dependent on the Internet to complete some daily tasks, most of us are familiar with and actively involved on social media platforms.

3 years

8 Lead Generation Marketing Strategies for Success in 2018

Lead generation is the backbone of business growth! The more leads you generate for your business, the more opportunities you create for success and revenue generation. Content is the fuel in your lead generation process. Content is what attracts your users in the first place. So, if your content is able to convey the right message to your audience, you are likely to achieve even more success.

3 years

India’s Trump Card: Why the American President is a Blessing in Disguise

While a large percentage of people everywhere are sending a lot of well-deserved criticism Donald Trump’s way, his strict immigration policies are actually a blessing in disguise for India. For years, we Indians have been complaining about the ‘brain-drain’ that has taken over the country like a fad that refuses to die down. Well, this might just be the time when it does die down.

4 years

5 lessons I learned after watching The Intern - Journey of a Mompreneur

A couple of years ago, I recently had the golden opportunity of watching the movie “The Intern”. I rarely watch movies and this is not a movie review. But “The Intern” is worth its weight in gold with its life lessons especially if someone is on an entrepreneurial journey like me and I am taking this opportunity to share my learning via this article.