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12 Predictions For Business, Technology, And The Modern Workplace

New years always bring about excitement, energy, and predictions for what will happen in the future.

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Want To Advance Your Business Skills? Here's What You Can Do

So you want to advance your business skills? Great! There are many ways to do this, and it all starts with figuring out what you need to work on.

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Why Bad Leaders Refuse the Value of Being Mission-Driven

There are many things that leaders must have wisdom in to create a meaningful impact in the workplace. 

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Elizabeth Holmes Verdict: Don’t Fake It; Make It!

I moved to California in 1996 at the dawn of the internet revolution.

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The Mix of Skills Needed for an Innovation to Succeed

Innovation is a team activity, a contact sport.

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Concentration Makes for a More Productive Day

As we take time out for the holidays, we have, perhaps, a moment to contemplate the power of concentration.

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The Double-Handed Approach to Innovation

Most new products and services are developments or combinations of existing offerings.