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17 days

Smart, Sustainable, Scalable and Secure! Discover the 4 Pillars of IBM Power10

As many organisations reflect on decisions made at speed during the pandemic, the critical question now arises: are your core IT operations agile and ever-ready for the next wave of rapidly evolving digital demands?

18 days

How Leaders Get Individuals to Work As a Successful Team

Golf is one of the last sports you would expect to glean leadership lessons. It's primarily an individual sport, with the exception of one week every other year during the Ryder Cup.

18 days

How To Choose The Top Construction Company For Your Project

Choosing the right construction company for your project is not an easy task.

18 days

E-Commerce Trends Post Covid-19: Artificial Intelligence is Taking Over E-Commerce

The latest applications of big data, artificial intelligence, voice search and machine learning in e-commerce are taking customer experience and satisfaction to a new level post Covid-19.

19 days

From Digital to Intelligent Twins and All-Scenario Intelligence

First originating from NASA’s Apollo program, we have seen increasing development beyond Digital Replicas to Digital Twins - the virtual representation of a physical asset, able to mirror both its static and dynamic characteristics.

20 days

Leadership & The Future of Work in 21st Century: 3 Priorities For CEOs in the "New Normal"

Businesses have adopted new ways of working in the 21st century. Employees have gained experience working remotely during the pandemic.

21 days

How is Brand Strategy Like Other Forms of Strategy?

Strategy itself is the encapsulation of how you’re going to achieve a given aim.