Dominic Monkhouse Leadership Expert

Dominic has spent 14 years working in sales, marketing and business management within the IT sector. He has held executive positions at Peer 1 Hosting, IT Lab and Rackspace. At Peer 1 he built the UK business to £30m run rate in 5 years. He won many awards for creating a great place to work. At Rackspace Dominic built the UK company from four to 150 staff, and increased annual revenues from £595,000 to £25 million in just four years. Under his management, Rackspace was recognised as one of the most outstanding workplaces in Europe, and won several service awards for its Fanatical Support TM. Dominic has a BSc in Agricultural and Food Marketing from Newcastle and a MBA from Sheffield Business School. Dominic is also a regular public speaker on creating great places to work and achieving continuous client satisfaction and an assessor on the Sunday Times Customer Experience Awards.


5 Roadblocks on the Scaling Up Journey

Want to scale your business? Feeling fired up and ready to take on the world? Make no mistake. Scaling up is hard work. You’re going to need energy, drive and fanatical attention to detail. Not forgetting a perpetually inquisitive brain that thrives on learning new things and absorbing the latest thinking.


10 Ways For Your Business to Make a Good First Impression

First impressions count, right? Everyone knows that. It’s almost a cliché. There are various stats out there saying that judgements are formed in a matter of seconds – seven to be precise. Whether it’s a new client visiting your offices for the first time or a high calibre candidate arriving for a job interview, you’ll want to make sure they see the best your company can offer.


How to Bring Focus and Clarity to Your Business

Is your company in overwhelm? Doing too much but never seeming to move forward? Time and again, I see this in the clients I coach. When I speak to employees or interview leadership teams, this is often their biggest frustration. As they grow and take on more business, they feel pulled in different directions and lose their sense of forward momentum. 


The Four Super-Powers that Great Managers Need

Cast your mind back. Have you ever worked for a bad manager? Can you remember how you felt? Frustrated? Despairing? Unmotivated?


How to Ensure Good Communication As Your Business Grows

Change. Do your staff struggle with it? Humans are creatures of habit and we prefer to stick with what we know. This can cause problems when you’re scaling your business. The rapid intensity of change often causes resistance, and negativity can creep in like a disease at the heart of your business. The solution? Communicate. Communicate. And communicate some more!