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2 months
Nikunj Thakkar
11 206

In a previous article, we introduced Big Data, defined what is, its market presence, and its role in creating social good. Continuing along the same lines, we will talk about another field...

2 months
Salman Jaffer
25 221

Andrew Ng, one of the most prominent Data Scientists in the world who has previously led teams at Google Brain and Baidu, is a Co-Founder of Coursera recently gave a talk at EmTech. As the TMS Lead in Singapore I wanted to distill his words of wisdom on...

3 months
Thavash Govender
18 291

With all the hype around “AI” and Machine Learning, I thought that I’d dabble in unpacking some of the key concepts. I find that most of my reading time now is spent in this area.

1 month
Anuja Lath
12 144

To stay ahead in today’s marketing domain, one needs to be an expert in exploring and adopting marketing tools for business. For businesses that have a social media presence and are willing to flourish their business online, the best way is to utilize the...

1 month
Pratik Ravani
18 303

When technologies are shaking hands with one another, why can’t organizations from various verticals, especially when the question of survival looms over their heads? In these exciting times of automation outburst many old players are feeling the generous...

1 month
Naveen Joshi
16 192

With the blockchain technology gaining popularity and its applications finding widespread acceptance, the masses are gradually realizing the importance of blockchain in daily lives.

3 months
Frank Owusu
7 332

Bitcoin is the flavour of the year, polarising many investors, and even laymen, who do not know its real benefits. Despite fears and concerns, the cryptocurrency is considered a great asset to invest in. The blockchain technology is central to bitcoin’s...

4 months
Brennan Wright
8 221

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has moved beyond merely capturing our imaginations - it is now replacing jobs, it is augmenting our skill sets, it is driving new discoveries on a daily basis - AI is already here, but why? How did this happen? A nexus of forces...

3 months
Pratik Ravani
23 473

Artificial Intelligence is today’s buzzword that has been buzzing around more frequently with higher and ever-increasing intensity every passing day. Reason is as clear as a crystal: Its power and possibilities it can create.

2 months
James Calder
10 177

A couple of weeks ago, I did something fun and different. A group of friends and I went axe throwing at a place called Urban Axes in Philadelphia. It is pretty freaking cool and highly recommended. Set up in an old warehouse in Kensington, there are a bunch...


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