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Amy is the Founder and Managing Director of Aym Design. Originally trained as an Interior Architect in the UK, she became deeply inspired by the diverse mix of cultures and styles that Asia offered. After a move to Singapore in 2009 she finally founded Aym Design in 2013. Over the past 4 years, Aym Design has established a reliable reputation for creating highly efficient planning solutions and branded office and hospitality concepts. She is currently a Council Member of the Interior Design Confederation of Singapore and a member of the British Chamber of Commerce. These provide opportunities for her to curate and speak at industry events where she shares her experiences and support for young, emerging designers in Singapore. Amy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture from the University of Brighton. 

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The Open Plan Office

I am often asked “What is the best design to maximise workplace productivity?” and "Will an open office design be right for my business?". They are both relatively straightforward questions, but there is certainly no simple answer...


5 Design Tips to Increase Productivity

Your space forms the basis and structure for how your staff operate. If properly planned, your working environment can help open up new arenas for communication and collaboration consequently, increasing employee productivity and engagement. If planned badly, it can consume time and energy prompting frustrations and negativity. This in turn leads to unmotivated staff and will eventually have an undesirable impact on staff turnover.


Office Design - Technology vs Nature

In a world where we are so regularly glued to one or another screen, we find ourselves in a battle of technology vs nature. We have therefore found a growing need and eagerness for our office design to be more attuned with nature.


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