Anas Bouargane Business Guru

Anas is the founder of CEF Académie, a platform that provides guidance and support for those willing to study in France. He previously interned at AlphaSense. Anas holds a bachelor degree in applied economics from the University Paris Sud.


Top Five Database Management Trends for 2019

Data is more important than ever to businesses and individuals alike. Data can provide several different benefits to companies. This includes helping them create relevant or sought after products, or even helping them optimize how their business is run. 


Just Landed That Coveted Senior Management Position at Work - How to Dress the Part and Look the Part

Have you been working hard to get noticed at work, and get that much coveted senior management position? Has all your dedication, extra hours, and endless work finally paid off and the promotion was given to you? If so, this is a time for celebration and a little pat on your back. Landing a big promotion is a huge deal, and something that doesn’t come easily. With that said, there will be plenty for you to learn over the next little while as you step into your new role in the workplace.


How to Tell When Clutter is Making You ill – And What to Do About it

To some people, clutter is one too many magazines on the coffee table. Others define clutter as piles of boxes and rooms overflowing with junk. Clutter may not bother you, but if it does, you could have a problem.


How to Improve Cybersecurity Throughout Your Business

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are finding themselves on the receiving end of a growing number of threats from cyberspace. Hackers are always looking for new ways of getting their hands on personal data which they can then either sell or hold to ransom. Ransomware is a problem that barely existed until relatively recently, but which is now plaguing businesses around the globe.


How to Create a Disaster Recovery Plan for a Business

When everything is going smoothly, business owners seldom anticipate disaster. It could be a lightning strike that fries your computer’s motherboards, a flood that ruins all of your hardware, or a power outage that wipes out all of your recent data. With a disaster recovery plan, you won’t waste time panicking in the event that the unthinkable happens. Restoring any data that your business has lost quickly will enable you to get up and get back to work in rapid succession. Here are the ways in which you can prepare your company for virtually any type of data related disaster.