Anuj Puri Real Estate Guru

Anuj Puri, Chairman of ANAROCK Group is a highly respected industry authority and thought leader with 30 years' experience in leveraging Indian and global real estate opportunities. His company ANAROCK has a staff complement of over 1800 qualified and experienced professional, with offices in all major markets in the country, dedicated services in Dubai and a global footprint with over 80,000 preferred channel partners.


Monetary Policy - Can A Repo Rate Cut Revive Real Estate Demand?

Overall consumption in India has taken a serious beating in the recent past, and the RBI needs to give a serious booster shot to hike up consumer sentiments.


1.74 Lakh Homes in 220 Projects Completely Stalled in Top 7 Cities

Stalled projects (launched in 2013 or before) have over 1.74 lakh units, valued at up to INR 1,774 billion Of the total stalled units, 66% (over 1.15 lakh units) are already sold; 34% units unsold NCR has the highest share at 68% or 1.18 lakh stalled units across main 7 cities, followed by MMR with 22% or 38,060 stalled units In project value terms, MMR not far behind NCR - stalled units worth INR 822 bn in NCR & INR 802 bn in MMR Of total 1.18 lakh stuck units in NCR, 69% or approx. 83,470 units are sold out 


The Supreme Court's Move to Get Stuck NCR Projects Back on Track

In a major landmark judgement favouring aggrieved homebuyers, the Supreme Court cancelled the registration of all companies of Amrapali Group under state RERA. This is indeed a remarkable judgement and will hopefully set a badly-needed precedent for righting the wrongs imposed on helpless homebuyers held hostage by stuck projects. This remarkable move will have a far-reaching positive impact on the Indian housing market.       


Only 29% of H1 2019 Housing Supply Qualifies for Government Sops in top 7 Cities

Of total 1,39,490 units launched across top 7 cities in H1 2019, only 39,840 units fall within Govt-defined affordable category criteria (60 sq. mt. carpet area & priced <INR 45 lakhs) MMR saw maximum launches at 17,700 units, followed by Pune with 9,350 units; urban housing shortage in Maharashtra alone pegged at 19.7 lakh units Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad & Kolkata together comprise just 15% share (approx. 5,820 new units) of total affordable supply Nearly 2.40 lakh unsold units across the top 7 cities as on Q2 2019 are affordable but many fall outside the government's narrow 'affordable' definition – see an increase of nearly 3% against Q2 2018


Model Tenancy Act 2019 - Landmark Event or Another Work in Progress?

Distorted property rights for lack of a sound rental policy, weak rental contract implementation and low rental yields prompt property vacancies Like RERA, the Model Tenancy Act, 2019 may lose its real purpose if states do not follow the basic guidelines and dilute them


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