Anuja Lath Digital Marketing Guru

Anuja is India's #7 LinkedIn Top Voice 2017. She is the Co-founder and CEO of RedAlkemi Online Pvt. Ltd., a digital marketing agency helping clients with their end to end online presence. Anuja has 30 years of work experience as a successful entrepreneur and has co-founded several ventures since 1986. She and her team are passionate about helping SMEs achieve measurable online success for their business. Anuja holds a Bachelors degree in Advertising from the Government College of Fine Arts, Chandigarh, India.


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Social Media Marketing Myths Busted - Part 2

As discussed in part 1, failure of a business is determined by various factors. Yet, majority of the times the failure can be credited to unawareness of social media. Hence it is important to be aware of social media marketing myths.


Social Media Marketing Myths Busted - Part 1

In today’s era where we are all dependent on the Internet to complete some daily tasks, most of us are familiar with and actively involved on social media platforms.


8 Lead Generation Marketing Strategies for Success in 2018

Lead generation is the backbone of business growth! The more leads you generate for your business, the more opportunities you create for success and revenue generation. Content is the fuel in your lead generation process. Content is what attracts your users in the first place. So, if your content is able to convey the right message to your audience, you are likely to achieve even more success.


7 Secrets to Write Powerful Headlines that Convert

What makes you click on a piece of content such as a blog or article? Besides the fact that it might be a topic you’re interested in, how did you find it? You may have probably clicked on this article because of its catchy headline.


6 SEO Basics for Small Business Owners

If you want your website to be ranked on the very top of Google search results when typing some specific keywords, you have to optimise your on-site and off-site search engine optimization (SEO) parameters.