Anuja Lath Digital Marketing Guru

Anuja is India's #7 LinkedIn Top Voice 2017. She is the Co-founder and CEO of RedAlkemi Online Pvt. Ltd., a digital marketing agency helping clients with their end to end online presence. Anuja has 30 years of work experience as a successful entrepreneur and has co-founded several ventures since 1986. She and her team are passionate about helping SMEs achieve measurable online success for their business. Anuja holds a Bachelors degree in Advertising from the Government College of Fine Arts, Chandigarh, India.



5 Reasons why Agencies Lose Clients

An agency is a business or an organization that specializes in offering certain services to their clients i.e. other businesses/organizations.


How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

Two decades ago, people made physical purchases after watching ads on billboards or televisions. But things have changed in 2019, customers prefer to make informed decisions on the Internet: Mulitiple clicks followed by a conversion.


How to Build a Strong Brand Identity

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” This adage is very true with regard to brand identity as well. What is a strong brand identity? As the adage indicates, it is how others perceive you, the identity or image you convey to the minds of people when they hear the name of your organization. A common pitfall that many fall into when considering how to build a strong brand identity is to believe that they know how their business is perceived. They try to see things from their own perspective, forgetting that a strong brand identity depends on ‘the eyes of the beholder,’ or how they are perceived by potential customers.


Essential Digital Marketing Tools

From a carpenter to a doctor, everyone uses tools. There is nothing a skilled workman can do without tools. Even the simplest tool can help a man in accomplishing great things. This is very true in digital marketing. Without the right tools for digital marketing, your entire digital marketing strategy might collapse. There are a number of digital marketing tools and techniques available in the market. So how will you decide which of these digital marketing tools are right and essential for your company? Are there any specific marketing tools for small business?


How to Build a Brand Online

Branding your business online, is it essential? To answer that question, consider this scenario. What is one thing everyone wants to know when you meet them for the first time? It is: Who are you? In this digital age, most social and business interactions are online. And just as in real life, people online also want to know who you are. Branding your business online will satisfy those inquisitive minds and it often sets off a chain of fans or followers. Therefore it is vital to have a few good business branding ideas.