Ashok Gairola Tech Guru

Ashok is a Business Transformation Leader and certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt. He is expert in Robotics & Digital Strategy Consulting. He previously led successful projects at IBM, General Electric (GE), Zenta (Accenture), GENPACT. Ashok has more than 25 years of experience in Business transformation using latest innovative technologies. 


The Power of Propaganda with Analytics

In 1928, Edward L. Bernays wrote a book entitled "Propaganda", where he delved deeper into the complex relationship between the human psychology, democracy, and corporations.


Are You Sitting on the Sidelines of The A.I. Debate?

Most of the global leaders are warning us about the impact of artificial intelligence. Is it too early to be worried? Will the artificial intelligence era follow the same path as the industrial and digital revolutions with more jobs for humankind? Historically, people were always worried that these revolutions could take away jobs and lead to poverty, but none of this happened with more more prosperity and economic growth.


Chatbots Replacing FAQ & Customer Service

Whether it is on mobile or desktop, you should have already noticed a lot of chat-bot integration for fun on messaging applications or for customer relationship management. By 2020, most of the digital interactions will be with voice chatbots, which will be integrated with machine learning & artificial intelligence on the background to serve better output. Level 1 customer service helpdesks will mostly cease to exist.