Badr Berrada Founder & CEO

Badr is the Founder & CEO of BBN Times. He is a former Junior Stockbroker at Commodity Index LTD and FX Trader assistant at Société Générale. He is a huge advocate of financial intelligence by providing a platform and a voice to anyone willing to know more about the latest trends. He holds a master's degree in Economy, Risk and Society from the London School of Economics and bachelor degree in Finance from Cass Business School.


The High-Frequency Trading Conundrum

Over the past decade, technological progress in trading systems has changed the trading landscape forever. The significant growth of algorithmic trading and the introduction of new high-speed trading platforms are challenging more market operators including investors and regulators. 


Nike's shares exceeded expectations

Nike, the world's leading sportswear manufacturer, has posted better-than-expected profits following a rebound in its basketball business amid heightened sportswear competition. Its quarterly profit rose 7% thanks to a stronger demand in China and the United States, where executives were pleased about the company’s performance. 


Escalation of Violence in Congo

Antigovernment protests flared in Congo after Joseph Kabila reshuffled his government to bolster his bid to remain president until scheduled elections in 2018.  He formed an expanded 65-member cabinet headed by opposition-leaning Samy Badibanga as prime minister. 


JP Morgan Set To Expand Internationally

JP Morgan Chase ranked largest US bank by assets, is one of the most complex and diverse companies thanks to its universal banking model. Even recently, when the bank has been under regulatory pressure due to advanced capital constraints and other regulatory requests, the international bank has been able to earn a return on equity of 11.28%.


The Forthcoming of Grocery Shopping: Amazon Go

Amazon plans to capture more food sales, opening the door to a key driver of consumer spending that would broaden its increasing dominance in the retail market.