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Bill is a renowned entrepreneur, technologist, writer and workshop speaker. He is the author of three bestselling books: Midas and 1000 Cows, 100 Mistakes of a Start Up CEO, and 25 Kickass Lessons for the Budding Entrepreneur. He is also an experienced Corporate Non Executive Director, leading major businesses in Fortune 200 companies, and was the CIO at one of the world's largest Aircraft Maintenance organizations. He has served on the Boards of five companies, including the Global Board of a major system integrator. He also held senior positions at Ford Europe, KPMG, British Airways, Druid Group PLC, Temasys Communications, Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies, Swift Integrated Marine Services, and Linacre. Bill holds a Master of Arts in Financial Control and Business Strategy from Lancaster University and an Advanced Management Program (APM) - Executive Education Degree from the Harvard Business School. 

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Hyperscale Businesses in the Digital Age

Your essential briefing on what you need to know about Hyperscale Businesses in the Digital Age. Protect your business. The recent news item about Amazon being in talks to offer event ticketing (here) brings into focus the existential threat from a class of businesses that have emerged over the past five years, which that can be described as “Hyperscale” organisations.


The Digital Transformation of Global Trade

Our traditional view of globalization, common for decades, was massive container ships conveying goods from distant manufacturing locations; and watching services, capital and expertise flow from one from major established commercial and financial city or region to another. Just less than a decade ago, there was a cataclysmic change – a major event, a crisis - that was a precursor to an even greater structural shift.


Tomorrow Is Here, And There Are Still Laggards. Are You One?

A Fast briefing on what is happening now in the digital world. Will the following examples of digital innovation, or similar massive changes in the delivery of products and service, end up attacking your business? Are you a laggard, or a leader?


Danger! Beware a Digital Chasm, Swallowing the Unaware

This is a red flag warning for those who think digital technology is something the IT department does! It is not; today digital technology is the purview of Boards and Senior Executives.


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