Bill Lewis Innovation Guru

Bill Lewis is a sought after Board advisor and counsel; he is also a renowned entrepreneur, technologist and workshop speaker. An experienced Corporate Executive and Non Executive Director advising Fortune 200 companies, Bill has served on the Boards of five companies, including the Global Board of a major system integrator. A prolific writer on technology, the digital age and entrepreneurship, he is the author of three acclaimed books: Midas and 1000 Cows, 100 Mistakes of a Start Up CEO, and 25 Kickass Lessons for the Budding Entrepreneur and numerous blogs and articles. 


A Vision Being Realized

Six years ago, when I heard Justin Uberti of Google announce (*) that Real Time Communications could be executed in the Chrome Browser, I had a vision. This new technology would allow users to communicate from one browser to another; a new form of business communication was possible. Stand-alone voice and video would be a thing of the past; the Skype’s of this world would be used for social chitchat. Old heavyweight legacy videoconferencing systems, from companies such as Polycom and Cisco, would die away.


Don't drown! A single step to avoid becoming a “burnt out entrepreneur”

This is addressed to Entrepreneurs who are determined to become “financially independent” and I will show you how.


The Day Elon Musk Took A Wrecking Ball To His Own Personal Brand

During this last week, Elon Musk has taken a wrecking ball to his personal brand and provided a lesson in how not to manage your public persona, your brand, and your personal credibility.


Kill and Beat Procrastination and Delay, Hit your Deadlines Consistently

Frightened of missing deadlines? Your plan is in shreds. Your entrepreneur’s reputation is at risk?


Inescapable Reasons for a Board Level Digital Strategy Now!

Digitisation has barely started – new business models are evolving rapidly – competitors emerge from unexpected places and resourcing your digital journey will come at the price of a radical transformation for many.