Brendan Barbato Society Guru

Brendan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Shelfie Challenge, a sports fan engagement platform where fans complete challenges at live events and can win prizes. He is also the CTO of Helping Hearts of America, and sits on various startup advisory boards. He has a large area of interests, and, overall, loves helping others and working on social impact projects to build and empower communities around a common cause. Brendan holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Business with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from Babson College. 


Tips For a More Productive Day

Every Sunday night I plan out 3–5 large goals to complete for the week, as well as sub-goals to get me there. There are all types of systems for doing this but what I do is block off time on my calendar to complete my goals. For example, I started a new company on January 14th, therefore, a lot of my goals right now are based on strategy.


Why I Give Every Lyft/Uber Driver 5-Stars

Whenever I enter a car — this refers to a Lyft/Uber — I always start with a, Hey how is it going? and typically follow up with a How has your day been? To me, this is important because I am entering the car of someone I have never met before and want to make sure the driver and any passengers are relaxed. Plus, a conversation can make the time more enjoyable.