Brenden Moran Society Guru

Brenden is a talented writer, who is passionate about the marketing and digital world. During his previous work experiences, he increased companies’ brand awareness and visibility thanks to his outstanding relational and customer service skills. He is also renowned for his meticulous attention to details. Brenden is currently completing a bachelor degree in communications studies and interdisciplinary liberal arts at the Colorado State University.

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6 Ways A Company Can Welcome New Employees

I happen to be starting a new job pretty soon and it’s bringing on the normal jitters and questions that happen when things change up. I’ve been thinking about how I want my new company to welcome me into its fold and I came up with an ideal scenario that I think companies should try to emulate.


How to Get Through a Politically Charged Conversation

I recently had a conversation with someone about the NRA, gun rights, and mass shootings. Politically infused conversations like these can be difficult and with a degree in Communication I felt more equipped than many in trying to keep the conversation moderated and calm.


Productive Conflict

I want to provide some practical suggestions for getting through conflict because I believe that conflict is everywhere waiting to happen. We spend our days dreading when it will happen next and simultaneously stress about the conflict in our lives that has already happened.


C's Get Degrees

As a graduating senior I was called upon in one of my classes to bestow wisdom upon the other students who were not graduating. I spoke last, listening as my other graduating peers recommended the best places to find discounted beers and explaining that college is a time to find yourself and spend time with friends.


Why Does it Matter What I Wear?

I have read two articles recently that discuss the way professionals dress. I have disagreed with both of them and so here’s my take.