Brenden Moran Society Guru

Hello! My name is Brenden and I'm a professional writer who is passionate about discussing ways in which businesses can perform better and how they can treat their employees like rockstars. After completing a degree where I studied Communication, Liberal Arts, English, and Sociology, I am currently writing my first book and searching for a place where I can start making a meaningful impact. If you ever want a genuine conversation, don't hesitate to reach out and start the discussion! I'm always available to chat about awesome ideas.


Shackled to Monotony

It doesn’t matter if you work on an assembly line or you’re a doctor who has performed knee surgeries for two decades straight, almost any job can have a level of monotony that can be detrimental to the person who works day in and day out doing the same thing.


Tired of Conflict? Ask a Question Instead

We often discuss how others can handle conflict better or how we can respond more appropriately to a random surge of negative emotions, but we don’t always talk about how we can handle situations that have a high potential to end in conflict. I want to focus on a few ways we can redirect our feelings into productive tools that will result in mitigated conflict.


The Entry Level Job Fallacy

I’m going to throw out a wild theory. It’s not that when students are in school we don’t know what we want to do when we graduate, it is that we don’t know where to start. How many of us are asked what we want to do with our degree and we can’t drag someone on the long and drawn-out complicated journey of-this is what I want to do, but I can’t start here, so I’m actually really looking for this job-or whatever.


The Hierarchy of Nonverbals and Conversing

What are the fastest ways to alienate people? Research and common sense says that people read more into how we say things and what our nonverbals are than our word choice.


A Response to Millennials in the Workplace

There is much hype about Millennials in the workplace these days. I figure that in five or so years I’ll be reading about Generation Z/iGeneration just as much as they start to enter the workforce.