Brenden Moran Society Guru

Brenden is a talented writer, who is passionate about the marketing and digital world. During his previous work experiences, he increased companies’ brand awareness and visibility thanks to his outstanding relational and customer service skills. He is also renowned for his meticulous attention to details. Brenden is currently completing a bachelor degree in communications studies and interdisciplinary liberal arts at the Colorado State University.

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Underestimation is Your Superpower!

When I watch football I often chuckle to myself when an announcer says, “they’re the most underrated player in football.” The sentiment of the comment is nice; they are congratulating a player who does not often get attention-even if announcers say this three times every game.


How to Deal with Internet Trolls

There’s no exact science for dealing with people who comment just knowing that you are somewhere squirming in your chair as you read it. But there is a need to discuss this topic because when we are on the web we are all susceptible to the sway of these bullies. 


"Experts" From Afar (EFA)

A coworker of mine used this acronym (EFA - Experts From Afar) to describe a situation, where a decision was made and was being carried out without the input of anyone affected by the decision being consulted.


Hashtags are Here to Stay

I am a recent convert to hashtags. I used to be an extreme naysayer by publicly condemning their existence. I thought they were a fad millenial trend that needed to die.