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Bryce Welker is an active speaker, blogger, and tutor on accounting and finance. As the Founder of Crush The CPA Exam, he has helped thousands of candidates pass the CPA exam on their first attempt.


The Role of Forensic Accounting in Discovering Financial Crimes

The idea of forensic accountants discovering financial crimes may lead you to visualize a new CSI spin-off. Although the job role is not as glamorous as you may be picturing, forensic accountants do indeed play vital roles in uncovering financial crimes. Forensic accountants utilize auditing, accounting, and investigative skills to examine a company or individual’s finances. Their findings provide accounting analyses for legal proceedings. Find out more about how forensic accountants discover financial crimes by reading the following insightful sections.


How to Use Visuals to Make your e-Courses More Effective

Visual information is one of the best ways for our brains to process and retain information. Think about the various social media platforms that you visit. Which ones are your favourites? Which ones are more popular? Instagram and Pinterest are quickly becoming more popular than Facebook due to its entirely visual-based web design. This is also why Facebook posts with images get shared more than ones that don’t.


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