Cami Rosso Science Guru

Cami is a founder of three companies in high-tech consulting, global venture capital, and strategic marketing. She founded her first company during college and had a state branch of the Department of Aviation as her customer. She was a Kauffman Fellows semi-finalist. She has worked in Silicon Valley, Wall Street and globally for great companies like Apple, Morgan Stanley, PepsiCo, Adobe, and Oracle, to name a few. Cami was an American business delegate to the APEC/PECC IT summit of world leaders. She was an invited guest to meet an ambassador and diplomats to a Mission of the United Nations. Cami's speaking experience includes TV, radio, academia and industry conferences. She earned an MBA from IMD in Switzerland and a certificate in Marketing Innovative Technologies at the Harvard Business School Executive Education Program. She was recognized by The Financial Times and Radio Switzerland for her contribution to an award-winning team humanitarian project for children in UNHCR refugee camps.


How Humanitarian Dr. Chris Stout Overcame Adversity to Live a Life in Full

Dr. Chris E. Stout is a best-selling author, licensed clinical psychologist and accidental humanitarian. Chris completed his clinical education with a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School in neurodevelopmental and behavioral pediatrics. He is also a Fellow in three divisions of the American Psychological Association, a former President of the Illinois Psychological Association, and a member in the National Academies of Practice.


Astronaut Scott Parazynski, Renaissance man and Extreme Explorer

How to Fly in Space and Summit Mt. Everest


When Surgeon Sandra Freiwald Became a Cancer Patient

Beating Cancer with Persistence, Courage and Motivation


How Adventurer Nicole Stott became the First Astronaut to Paint in Space

I have a love of flying and a belief in the mission of flying in space. I also thought it would just be an incredibly fun and awe inspiring experience and it was!  Nicole Stott, Astronaut and Artist.


How Virtual is Your Life?

In the post-digital era, we are deep in a symbiotic relationship with technology for communication, commerce, information, engagement and social interaction. As artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine-based learning continue to develop, so will our dependence on all things digital. When is the last time you took out a paper map to figure out driving directions versus using Google Maps or GPS? Do you welcome the time saved when shopping online on Amazon versus in bricks and mortar retail stores? How many times a week do you use Google search? Would you use a self-driving car?