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Chhavi is the Founder and Partner at Dikonia. She is passionate about delivering beyond expectations and crafting rewarding experiences.  Her company provides innovative IT solutions including custom SaaS offerings that streamline workflow as well as development and design services in keeping with latest buying and market trends. Chhavi holds a Master of Computer Applications from Punjabi University.

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5 Critical Questions to Ask an IT Outsourcing Company Before You Hire Them!

Outsourcing is actually the smartest thing to do in today’s intrinsically connected world. The challenges that discouraged companies from outsourcing their business processes in the past are now being overthrown with better communication solutions in place.


5 Most Interesting Mobile App Design Trends 2018

If you are a business that is connected to a mobile app, you should read this article. If you are also planning to start one, you need to understand how business apps are built. 


4 Best Ways to Start an Online Business With Minimum Investment

Business has been revolutionized by the internet.

Read More... Vs, Which one is the Best for your Company?

WordPress is the most popular web publishing platform with around 75 million websites. Most blogs are using it as their content management system.


How to Design Forms on Your Website for the Best Lead Generation Results

Leads are important for all kinds of businesses but not all websites are able to produce them in the same amount.


Wordpress Errors that Everyone Faces and How to Fix Them

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the internet with reportedly 74 million websites that use wordpress. It has quite innovatively grown from being a blogger’s best friend to a full-fledged CMS that runs all kinds of websites; business to personal.


5 Tested Ways To Speed Up your website!

In the era of fast internet speed and jam-packed work schedules, no one has time to wait for a slow website to load.


Web App Vs. Mobile App, What Does Your Business Need?

Having a sophisticated app is undoubtedly an ultimate productivity tool well tailored to business needs. But most businesses fail to understand what kind of app will work best for them.


How to Ensure the Security of Your Web Application?

Security is one of the most overlooked yet important aspects of your business application. For 10 good days it won’t trouble you at all, but for that one day when it is compromised, you’ll regret paying attention to it sooner.


How Mobile Apps Help you Increase Returns and Customers?

The smartphone addiction is getting stronger and more companies are aware of consumers' addiction to their handsets.After the web and print, mobile phones are the next platform for businesses to explore. The astronomical growth of smartphones and the number of things they can do, have opened up new gates of opportunities for companies to engage with their customers.


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