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Pricing & Commercial Strategy

“The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power. If you’ve got the power to raise prices without losing business to a competitor, you’ve got a very good business. And if you have to have a prayer session before raising the price by 10 percent, then you’ve got a terrible business.” – Warren Buffet

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Does Elon Musk hold the keys to the Future of Travel?

What would your city do if it were struggling with perennial traffic congestion? India would bet big on a rollout of metro railways in as many cities as possible. Japan probably has no clue about the word ‘traffic’. China would build something to flaunt their tech superiority. No kidding; they are already working on a 1000-kmph ‘Super Maglev’ to take on Hyperloop.

6 days

The Power of Anticipatory Customer Service

The common view of customer service is one focused on reaction. A customer buys something, has a problem, issue or question—either during the sales process itself or later on—which is then handled by a customer service professional.

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13 Influencers You Should be Following to Be a Better Leader

People are spending an enormous amount of time each day checking social media. A recent study showed teens are spending as much as nine hours a day, and the average person is spending roughly two hours.

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How Positivity Helps – In Life and In Start-Ups

You’ve all heard this particular bit of advice on positivity along with all the clichés about silver linings and half-full glasses. It is quite easy to tell someone to be positive but what really matters is the thinking behind it. You can repeat ‘Be positive’ until you’re blue in the face and you can still be bitter and negative about everything. Instead, every time you have a negative thought or attitude, ask yourself why and argue with your negative side. With time, you will automatically question every negative thought.

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Everything you Need to Know about 5G

Aargh! Yet another G? And, just after we have just come to terms with LTE! So, what is this 5G? What is so special about it? First, let us take a lookback at the timeline of cellular network technology. 0G was the era of the analog radiotelephone. 1G introduced the world to mobile phones. 2G kick-started mobile revolution and allowed users to digitally text one another. 3G transported mobile phone users online for the first time. 4G supplied faster speeds that you and I enjoy today.

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Why You Need a Virtual Assistant for your Business

What is a virtual assistant? How do virtual assistants work? Virtual assistants typically operate from a home office, but they have access to all business documents and strategies. A virtual assistant (VA) is a powerful tool that has come to the rescue of businesses, especially startups and small businesses struggling with having an excellent online presence.