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9 days

Are you Overworking your People?

Are you the kind of boss who gets in at 7.30 am, works hard till 7 pm and expects all your staff to do the same? Are you finding it hard to recruit people who want to? Trust me when I tell you that this approach is not so good. There is considerable evidence that in office work, long hours do not lead to increased output. And there are negative consequences to overwork. People get burnt out. 

11 days

The Importance of Online Advertising

The advancement of the World Wide Web since the last ten years has completely changed the advertising landscape.

13 days

The Risks of Sticking with Legacy Technology

Legacy technology is like that old pair of jeans you wore as a teenager. “They are comfortable” was always your answer to any inquiry.

14 days

Digital Marketing Tactics to Watch Out For in 2019

Over the last three decades, digital marketing has exponentially flourished, helping many brands and organisations stay ahead of the competition. Businesses rely on effective digital marketing strategies to ensure growth in the long term.

15 days

IBM Brought Remote Workers Back to the Office. Will Your Company Be Next?

In 2009, IBM reported that 40 percent of its 386,000 employees in 173 countries were working remotely. That policy allowed IBM to sell off its office buildings at a gain of almost $2 billion. Hailed as a savvy business strategy, the trend of telecommuting was soon in full swing.

16 days

Inflexion Point, May 2019

What really went wrong with Boeing

18 days

How to Spot The Invisible Doors of Opportunity Surrounding You

There’s a lot of talk about doors when it comes to business and opportunities: