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4 days

Optimism Bias!

According to studies, about 80 percent of people have an optimism bias in terms of themselves and those close to them. In simple terms, people tend to overestimate the probability of good things happening to them and underestimate the likelihood of bad things.

4 days

Why Educational Institutions must teach Business Ethics

Ask any of my management students, and they will tell you that I begin my Business Ethics lectures with Prof. Viru Sahastrabuddhe’s epic quote “This is not a philosophy class”.

5 days

Threats of Social Media Marketing

Marketing research is a big part of digital marketing. There is no doubt that it offers many opportunities for businesses to flourish online. However, there are many threats that come along with these opportunities.

6 days

9 Daily Habits That Will Make You Achieve More In Your Career

Habits are tricky things. They can fuel higher levels of performance or act like kryptonite, suppressing your potential. Fortunately, we have control over habits, although some may be more difficult to form or change than others. Aristotle famously said:

6 days

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Today’s marketing world typically revolves around two terms, inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Businesses prefer either one of the two or they may even prefer both. This depends on whether the business is well established or an SME (small and medium enterprise) and it also depends on the size of the budget. As for the big organizations, budget constraint is never a point of concern for them, so they prefer both. But for small businesses, inbound marketing is preferable due to the constraints in the budget.

7 days

3 Questions Great Leaders Ask Their Remote Team Every Week

I can't lie, I used to think having remote workers was a terrible idea. I couldn't see any path for working remotely that created a better and more effective team. Having said that, the realities of commuting, employee demands, and cost have flipped the traditional work model on its head and have even forced some of my own team to work remotely.  

9 days

The Body Language of Charisma

Let's face it, in business dealings, charisma counts. A lot. And charisma is as much about impressions and body language as it is about issues and substance. I've seen many qualified people get passed over for promotion (or lose a sale or fail an interview) simply because they couldn’t project an engaging attitude.