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6 days

5 Signs Your Company Is Stuck In The Past

Failing to move with the times can cost you customers. Without adopting the latest methods and technology, you won’t be able to compete with the efficiency of other companies. You could also be making life harder for yourself and your employees – while you may take comfort in tradition, learning new methods could result in a lot less stress in the long run.

7 days

6 Mistakes that People Make with their CV

Your resumé / CV is your golden ticket to a new career... or potentially the quickest way to kill your prospects of a dream job. Why? Because all too often recruiters / employers are looking at ways to rule you out so they can get to the best candidates, so here I have highlighted some common mistakes that people make which you can easily eradicate:

11 days

Video is The Future of Marketing

When you set up your business selling branded merchandise such as phone covers and tablet sleeves, you knew you were tapping into a crowded market place. That’s why getting your website on top form was a huge priority. But what about making that website stand out even more? Why should customers buy their corporate phone cases from your site and not your competitors? It’s time to step up your marketing potential.

11 days

Want To Display Your Art In Your Office? Avoid These Common Mistakes

The great thing about owning your own office space is the fact that you can be completely creative. Because your space is a blank canvas, you can decorate it however you want. For many people, the idea of buying art and hanging on the walls will send shivers down their spine. There is nothing quite like stamping your creative authority on an office and really turning it into somewhere you can feel comfortable and productive. However, while art is an entirely subjective process, it is essential to avoid the common mistakes that everyone makes. So, when it comes to displaying your taste in art, consider the following things:

11 days

Today’s CTO: The Chief Transformation Officer

In the past, I suggested that the role of the CIO needs to shift from that of a Chief Information Officer to a Chief Innovation Officer, largely due to the rapid, multiple technology-driven transformations that are always occurring. But just as the CIO’s role needs to change, so too does the CTO’s role—from Chief Technology Officer to Chief Transformation Officer. This shift is necessary in order to maintain and elevate the position’s relevance within the organization. There is less of a need for merely understanding information and technology, and a much greater requirement of leaders to be anticipatory in regard to innovation and transformation.

12 days

How Is Business Wisdom Best Applied?

There are millions upon millions of business owners out there, running all kinds of operations. Large, small, international, within a village, at a loss, at a profit, you name it. All of the possibilities of industrial life are considered and likely demonstrated. All variation of corporations influencing the state and the state influencing corporations can be present depending on what country you occupy at the time.

12 days

Listen to your Staff to Grow your Business

Scaling a business isn’t easy. It takes effort, dedication and a systematic approach. You need to adopt new ways of working, approaching these with consistency and repetition until they become habits. That’s why the Rockefeller checklist is so useful – it provides a blueprint for growth.