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5 days

3 Steps to Turn a Bad Boss into a Great Leader

As he read the comments from his team, I saw his facial expression change from excited to confused. At one point he looked up and said, "It's hard to believe they don't think I care about them and that I only care about their performance." Sitting back in his chair, he to process the new information. I will never forget the next thing he said:

7 days

India’s Trump Card: Why the American President is a Blessing in Disguise

While a large percentage of people everywhere are sending a lot of well-deserved criticism Donald Trump’s way, his strict immigration policies are actually a blessing in disguise for India. For years, we Indians have been complaining about the ‘brain-drain’ that has taken over the country like a fad that refuses to die down. Well, this might just be the time when it does die down.

7 days

Apple Shines in a Gloomy Tech Earnings Season

In an otherwise gloomy tech earnings seasons, with giants such as Tencent, Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix having reported significant losses, Apple has managed to buck trend.

8 days

Entrepreneurship: Good Mistakes and How to Use them

Founders of start-ups generally have a hate relationship with mistakes. They are often told of ways to avoid them. Mistakes are seen as the worst thing that could ever happen. While that may be partially true, while focusing on how terrible the mistake was, we often lose sight of how we can learn from it. The fact is that mistakes happen, no matter how hard we try to avoid them. We are only human, after all. Often, it may be the faults of others that cause your downfall. As hard as it is to stomach, it is also possible to learn from such interactions.

10 days

When Artificial Intelligence and Emotion Collide, Consumers and Brands Win

For thousands of years, consumers and businesses only interacted in person, and it was easy to understand the emotions of customers. If you lived in the Old West, and you went to the general store, the owner knew you and your preferences, and very likely why you were there. Depending on the time of year, he would have already stocked up on grain, seed or whatever you needed before you even asked for it. These types of interactions created positive emotional responses that over time established loyalty.

11 days

If You Have an Idea, Can you Start a Business?

Ideas are something that keeps popping our restless minds. Our mind is flooded with countless thoughts every day. And deep down many of us have this desire to start a business, a wish to own a startup. When you slog and hustle hard for someone else, this self-awakening thought always comes up. If I put in the same amount of hard work in my own thing, in my own business? Damn, I would be rich. Why should I work as a slave to someone else? But then inspiration is perishable and as those thoughts that motivated you fly away in thin air, so does your will to make things happen.

11 days

6 SEO Basics for Small Business Owners

If you want your website to be ranked on the very top of Google search results when typing some specific keywords, you have to optimise your on-site and off-site search engine optimization (SEO) parameters.