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11 days

Everything you Need to Know about 5G

Aargh! Yet another G? And, just after we have just come to terms with LTE! So, what is this 5G? What is so special about it? First, let us take a lookback at the timeline of cellular network technology. 0G was the era of the analog radiotelephone. 1G introduced the world to mobile phones. 2G kick-started mobile revolution and allowed users to digitally text one another. 3G transported mobile phone users online for the first time. 4G supplied faster speeds that you and I enjoy today.

12 days

Why You Need a Virtual Assistant for your Business

What is a virtual assistant? How do virtual assistants work? Virtual assistants typically operate from a home office, but they have access to all business documents and strategies. A virtual assistant (VA) is a powerful tool that has come to the rescue of businesses, especially startups and small businesses struggling with having an excellent online presence.

12 days

Customization – The New Cool

Over the last few years, the wants and needs of consumers have taken a definite turn in the direction of customization. E-commerce companies, everywhere, are slowly discovering the value of offering customization along with the enormous potential that goes with it.

13 days

Everything you Need to Know about Virtual Reality

According to statistics, the worldwide user base of AR and VR games is expected to grow to 216 million users and will be worth 11.6 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

13 days

The Entrepreneur’s Nightmare - To Stop or To Go On?

How do you know when it’s time to give up? When does an idea go from focused hits to achieve a breakthrough to pointless hammering at an unbreakable wall? When does it make sense to keep going and when is it better to walk away?

14 days

The 2 Most Important Predictors of Future Career Success

I knew the first time I heard the Tim Ferriss Podcast, the world of professional development had changed forever. I was blown away by the idea that content creators would be willing share this much value for free.

14 days

Elon Musk: The Market Will Decide

Is Elon Musk, a genius or fraud ? There are arguments for both. Musk has inspired envy for the undoubted achievements of manufacturing cool cars, domestic solar systems (including beautiful roof tiles), a reusable rocket system together with a host of ideas and products that are ambitious at times beyond credibility.