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16 days

Listen to your Staff to Grow your Business

Scaling a business isn’t easy. It takes effort, dedication and a systematic approach. You need to adopt new ways of working, approaching these with consistency and repetition until they become habits. That’s why the Rockefeller checklist is so useful – it provides a blueprint for growth. 

16 days

Are you a Remote-Controlled Leader?

I remember the day of December 4th, 2002 when something inside of me as a leader had changed. Just three months earlier, I had mustered the courage to submit my resignation letter to my immediate boss.

16 days

What’s So Powerful about Storytelling?

Story is having a moment. It’s reached such buzzword status to the point where you’d think it was a newfangled, innovative, novel concept. But story is as old as is our species. And when companies use story to bond with their audience, they are tapping into the way that our brains are wired to connect.

16 days

Trends That Impact The Construction Industry

The construction industry will always be exciting. It changes and evolves to meet the needs of businesses, politics, and people. There have been some significant movements of focus on things like sustainability and green energy. Technology has impacted the industry too. Many of the trends will continue to make the construction industry stronger and more efficient - but that doesn’t mean they won’t be difficult to implement, or that they won’t take time to adjust. Uncertainty is also an issue that City Hire discussed recently - political climates and changes can be far-reaching. 

17 days

The Power of Recombination: What Blade Runner Can Teach Us About Innovation

It’s November 2019 and there’s already a glut of articles attempting to compare our present to the future predicted by Blade Runner.  

18 days

Why Nailing Accountability is Essential to Growing your Business

Simple question. Does your business have the right people, doing the right things in the right way? It’s common for businesses that are growing rapidly to have a lack of clarity around who’s doing what. Important facets of the company get forgotten, with little or no ownership resulting in inefficiency and poor performance.  

18 days

5 Ways to Get Staff on Board with your Quarterly Theme

Be honest. Is your business stuck in an endless cycle of unfinished projects? Is energy being wasted by people going off in multiple directions with no clear focus? Feeling like you’re getting nowhere? You’re not alone. Most of the clients I work with are in the same position. They feel a bit like Sisyphus, forever rolling his boulder up that hill in Hades. They’re putting in loads of effort but not moving any further forwards.