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2 months

Is It The Right Time To Invest In the Equity Market?

It is often seen that first-timers or new investors are worried about the correct timing of investing in mutual funds or into direct equities. Getting started at the wrong point in the ups and downs of the equity market is the continuous point of stress for novice investors.

2 months

How to Manage a Small Team Successfully

Most great leaders have an integral passion to lead and build elite teams. All want to lead great teams but there are only a few who are willing to lead small teams based on mediocrity and even moderation. Good teams take time, persistence and a regular chase of personal and professional development. It takes sustained personal introspection and action based on regular feedback to build great teams. All effective team management strategies are thus centred around sound leadership.

2 months

5 Best Cross Promotion Ideas

Cross-promotion marketing presents limitless revenue growth potential and brand equity for any brand. It not only brings down operating costs but also helps to foster your company with consumers via the creation of collaborative services. Cross-promotion marketing is an intelligent tool that can take your business to the next level. You have to invest in many strategic partnerships with other known brands to make it big.

2 months

The Dangers of Legacy Thinking

Every successful company and organization inevitably must confront a powerful question:

2 months

How to Pay for Surgery without Insurance

If you choose to have surgery and want it done privately, rather than waiting for a slot in the NHS, you will need to be able to fund it yourself. If you have medical insurance, this will cover many of your costs, depending on the plan you choose. However, there are any conditions that are frequently listed as exceptions and are therefore not covered by insurance.

2 months

Data Mining Concepts and Process

Data has emerged as the new age of crude oil. It is the most prized and valuable asset of every organization. Data mining concepts have thus gained prominence in recent years due to the increasing need felt by organizations to make sense of the huge amount of data which is available to them.

2 months

How Storytelling in Content Writing Can Work Wonders For Your Business

Since ages, storytelling has been the voice of people used for conveying ideas, thoughts, and emotions. Imagine yourself narrating an incident to someone with just facts, free from any grilling emotion to glue human attention. It will be regarded as a dull piece of information which failed to arouse the interests of the audience.