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15 days

Brand Mission, Vision or Illusion?

A great brand needs direction. The brand’s mission statement, which in the case of the corporate brand is the company’s mission statement, helps articulate “why the brand exists?”

17 days

Amazon's HQ2 Strategy is Genius. Here's Why.

Amazon is constantly in the news, but today, the most anticipated move in Amazon's history seems to be the announcement of its second headquarters, HQ2. 

19 days

Entrepreneurship: Is it the Best Time to Launch Your Business?

The United States has long been the natural home of the entrepreneur but recent reports suggest that Americans are less likely to start a company now than in the past four decades. So what has led to this worrying decline in home grown entrepreneurship? And does this low point offer an ideal opportunity to launch your start-up?

20 days

8 Ways to Focus your B2B Tech Launch in APAC

"Your mission if you choose to accept it is to launch and scale the company in Asia-Pacific. We look forward to you delivering triple-digit growth over the next five years. As always, should you or any of your team fail, we’ll disavow any knowledge of your actions. This post will self-destruct in 600 seconds." 

21 days

Who is Your Ideal Customer?

Who is your ideal customer? An ideal customer is someone who has some sort of emotional connection with your brand other than their love for products/services offered by your business.

23 days

Importance of Financial Planning in Business

What is financial planning for a business? Financial planning is simply the process of allocating funds to and determining how a business will achieve it different goals and objectives outlined by the business. Financial planning is almost as important as setting up a business. This is a necessity for any business belonging to any industry. Not all businesses adopt financial planning, especially small businesses who have a limited budget to spend.

23 days

The Open Plan Office

I am often asked “What is the best design to maximise workplace productivity?” and "Will an open office design be right for my business?". They are both relatively straightforward questions, but there is certainly no simple answer...