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3 months

How to Ensure Good Communication As Your Business Grows

Change. Do your staff struggle with it? Humans are creatures of habit and we prefer to stick with what we know. This can cause problems when you’re scaling your business. The rapid intensity of change often causes resistance, and negativity can creep in like a disease at the heart of your business. The solution? Communicate. Communicate. And communicate some more!

3 months

How to Rapidly Become a More Effective Leader

So you're struggling to lead a team. It's okay, it happens.

3 months

Digital Marketing Trends Set to be Phased Out

2019 will be defined by highly versatile and bold digital marketing trends which will seek to change the whole dynamics of the game. There is no doubt on the fact that the future digital marketing trends will be different from the ones which have been followed for a long time. While some might travel to the future but most of them are bound to die.The latter is primarily due to the fact that the world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. Although it has maintained its a customer-centric approach, it is now much more detailed, thoughtful and highly personalized. As per a survey conducted by the Economic Times, it was stated that by 2020, digital marketing will grow at 32 CAGR by 2020. The latter will also increase the digital marketing spend to 24 percent from the current rate of 15 percent.

3 months

Shaping the Future of Content Marketing

Content is king and will continue to rule for many years to come. However, designing and publishing more content is no longer equal to more web traffic. There are more than 440 million blogs in the world (not including the Tumbr which alone has 400 million of them). All these are directed at nearly 7.5 billion population of the world. Not stopping at this, the number of blogs is constantly on the rise so the need for creative content marketing ideas was never more pronounced as you have to create a compelling need for people to come to your blog bypassing all your competitors.

3 months

Learning to Master the Art of Your Career

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living — whether you work in medicine or retail, law or construction, software engineering or writing — there’s an art and science to every career. Each profession has its scientific aspects, those more mechanical facets, rules, and methods you must know to succeed. Yet no matter how dry, straightforward, or technical, these professions also have creative qualities that foster critical thinking.

3 months

It's Not Luck, It's Hard Work

Six years old, laying on my bed, crying. I felt my heart being cut into pieces, with every scream the knife cut a little bit deeper.

3 months

Ten Ways to Integrate Content Marketing Into Your Marketing Strategy

Seth Godin was right about the marketing world when he said, Content marketing is the only marketing left.