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3 Outstanding Lessons That Will Help You Lead Like John McCain

There are those who speak about leadership and then, there are those who are leaders. John McCain is the latter. Surviving nearly six years as a Vietnam Prisoner of War, this great American hero went on to serve as Senator of Arizona. Despite his unsuccessful run for President in 2008, McCain's achievements amounted to plenty.

4 months

Brand Style Guide for a Company

When it comes to branding, consistency is all that matters, simply because your brand should reflect the same look and feel everywhere. Staying visually consistent and connected with your audience is the best way for your brand to establish credibility and also grow rapidly.    

4 months

The Honest Cost of Bad Leadership

I am constantly looking at the world through the lens of leadership and it's hard not to compare nearly every successful business or team to the leaders behind them. But for the last couple years, I have been thinking a lot more about the other side of the coin. What's the cost of being a bad leader? While most of the really bad examples of leadership I have studied always tie back directly to some financial and health-related issues, there are some less obvious reasons you should be aware of.

4 months

Top 6 Benefits of Link Building

In a previous article, we discussed the powerful link building techniques that can help a website grow. Link building done with thoughtfulness has the benefits of increasing your search engine rankings.

4 months

5 Reasons Why Eating Clean Can Help You Become More Successful

Life these days is busy. While battling to stay on top of deadlines, emails, meetings and trying to find a balance between work and home, food is just not a priority. When we think of factors that help us in our personal or professional growth, food and that too healthy food is not given much importance. While juggling between multiple tasks throughout the day, it’s easy to focus on the quantity of food to fuel our starving bodies rather than the quality. Over a period of time the food that we eat could either drain all our energy or help us live the life of our dreams.

4 months

5 Powerful Link Building Techniques

If you’re a business owner and own a website, you’re probably aware of the importance of link building. Without high-quality links pointing towards your website, your chances of ranking well certainly decrease. And isn’t the entire point of a well-designed website for it to rank well on search engines?

4 months

Raid on Entebbe - a Tale of Two Leaders

On June 27 1976 Air France flight 139 from Tel-Aviv to Paris was hijacked following a stop at Athens airport. Security at Athens was lax and four terrorists boarded the flight. Two were German, Brigitte Kuhlmann and Wilfried Bose and two were Palestinian. The plane was forced to fly to Benghazi, Libya, for refuelling and then on to Entebbe in Uganda where President Idi Amin showed his full support for the terrorists. Four more terrorists joined the group there. Jewish and Israeli passengers were separated from non-Jews who were released. The Jews were placed under the guard of the terrorists and the Ugandan Army in the airport terminal. The Air France crew courageously agreed to stay with the hostages.

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